Webmaster Troubleshooter

The Webmaster Troubleshooter can help you resolve common problems and issues with your site in Google Search and Google Webmaster Tools. We hope you can find the answer to your question using the Webmaster Troubleshooter, but if you’re having trouble, please let us know. We’ll respond if we think there’s helpful information we can give you to resolve your issue, and we’ll use your feedback to improve our products in the future.

We get a lot of questions about a site’s ranking in search results. The Webmaster Troubleshooter will walk you through any recommendations and resources we may have. Often, however, a site is simply ranking naturally as a result of how our algorithms work, in which case we may not be able to provide you with specific feedback. If you do need more support, we suggest that you use our Webmaster Help Forum where a community of knowledgeable and helpful webmasters can collaborate with you and engage in meaningful dialogue on how to improve your site.

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Let's say you've clicked My site in the first step, and later you realize that you should have clicked I have a question about Webmaster Tools. You can return to that step by going up to What can we help you with? and clicking I have a question about Webmaster Tools.

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