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Review Snippets - Item does not support reviews Hi, I started getting "Item does not support reviews" error under Review Snippets in search console.… Of the over 4000 Google Doodles posted, how can I search for specific categories of Doodles? I would like to know how to access the Google Doodle database so that I may search by specific crite…
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Issue with Breadcrumbs name or item.name not should be specified Google Strucutred Data Tool tells me that the name is not specified but it is. Here is one sample UR…
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What does the second point in General Structured Data Guidelines about Location specify ? Location 1. ... 2. If you have duplicate pages for the same content, we recommend placing the same s… I have inserted all the structured data code in my Page but none is appearing in Google results? Hi all, I have inserted the Organisation, Video Object, Local Business, Breadcrumb List, Person, and…
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How are the FAQ clicks & Impression calculated? Here's the definiton of clicks from Google But from the data for one of the pages I have got here ar…
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Unable to understand Rich Preview test result Hi, We have updated the website code for Structured Data Markup for Article. After running the text …
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Site disappears after adding schema mark up Hi, I have a online taxi website I thought it would be a good idea to add schema mark up data to, I …
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Which is the most appropiate Schema to use for publishing online educational guides? I'm planning to publish some educational guides within a subfolder (not a blog) such as www.mydomain…
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Guided Recipe Errors I have 7 errors under guided recipes. I found that there were empty spaces/ steps. Thinking these we…
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The site lost more than 50% of traffic and review snippets Hi all, Our site was affected by the May update. We lost more than 50% of the monthly traffic https:…
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