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https://schema.org/TypeAndQuantityNode Hi There, I'm using following schema: https://schema.org/TypeAndQuantityNode in one of my website bu… How can I mark up a page for multiple holiday resorts? Our client is a holiday company that offers villa accommodation at a list of different resorts in Me…
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[Rich Snippets] Product rating stars not showing up in search results For our eCommerce website, we have implemented metadata for products pages according to Google Rich …
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Google grabs an awful meta description for my client's site Thank you so much if you read through this whole question for me! My client's website is built in Do…
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Is there any harm in using an array of types in @type declaration? When we initially setup structured data on our site, we set it up with an array of types in the @typ… Hello How to add micro-markup to faq block? I need to add Schema marcup on page https://stom-s.ru/implantatsiya/, on block FAQ. And how to add S… how to fix it ( Page partially loaded) hi sir. how to fix is
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Search Engines are picking published date over Modified date My structured data clearly indicates the published date and modified date. However, search engines k…
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Updated: This month
How to Fix Unparsable structured issue in Search COnsole? class="rank-math-schema">{"@context":"//schema.org","@graph":[{"@type":["Person","Organization"],"@i…
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Is this Spam? Website is using "Star Rating Rich Snippet" not correctly Hello, two websites I'm monitoring are displaying incorrect Star Ratings in Google search, in my opi… Product structured data - can set “point” instead of price? My site own a customer loyalty program which a member can reward points while they do some actions. … Does Review snippets on every page of my website affect rankings? on my website mypat.in, we have review snippets on every internal page. I wanted to ask if review sn… FAQs and Product Schema markups added correctly but FAQs not showing in search results We have setup FAQs schema and product schema properly. But FAQs schema not showing in SERP. Here is …
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Swapping FAQs - impact on search ranknig Hi all, I have a question that myself and my team have been unsure about. In short, we have a landin…
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Is domain and subdomain have different seo authority? I have a site, in which I have a subdomain to handle in a domain like abc.com is the main domain and… Google Jobs listing old website URL If you search "Syntegon jobs" from Germany, it shows the old URL of the website. https://i.imgur.com…
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skip to content error Hi, I want to get some help with the recent issue. whenever I open my website, it loads with "skip t…
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