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Custom URL I keep verifying my custom URL but when I go to type it in, it tells me that the URL is not verified…
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Review schema - Should I use Product type or Thing type for itemReviewed? Hi, I am adding schema to my product review site. I have buyer's guide pages with Review schemas for…
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HowTo MarkUp - Uncategorised Errors Hi there, I'm working on a HowTo mark up for one of my pages but I keep getting this uncategorised e… I´m not sure if I set up structure data correctly and fear being penalised Hi guys, After learning how to build my rich data code, I set it up but I have not seen any variatio…
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I have a verified knowledge panel but it doesnot allow me to create posts on posts.google.com Why? I am verified on Google Knowledge panel but it doesn't allow me to create posts on posts.google.com I think there's a hidden app on my phone that can download. How can i find? Someone put it there. Hacked and app hidden on my phone. I can't find it.
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HowTo Schema Mark Up with Quotations in Text Section Hi there, I'm trying to implement HowTo schema mark up on my website. In one of my text fields, I ha… Sitelink which is not required appearing in Search Results Hi, I am managing a site zippo.in. Whenever I search for zippo india, I can see sitelinks under the … Structured data issue: Content on page differs from Job structured data I got a manual action penalty described below. I looked through my job postings and all the content …
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How to markup the last non linking item in breadcrumbs list using JSON-LD Hello, I have opted to use JSON-LD to markup my breadcrumbs trail. I'm not sure how to markup the la…
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if a product has no reviews, is it ok to leave out the structured data for aggregated and review tag If a product has no reviews is it ok / safe to leave out the schema tags for aggregateRating and rev… Structured data (logotipo) Hello! Currently my pages are displayed in the search engine but they are not shown with the correct…
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I submitted some links that had "Unparsable structured data" and now they are in "Other". Why? I had some errors in my Structured Data (Unparsable structured data). I resubmitted the links to Goo…
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Google Search Console is detecting multiple items in our products when there is only one Google Search Console index detects two separate product items on this page: https://revolutionjewel… Products pages stats in google looking wrong Hi, I have structured data built by script on all of my product pages. Google crawler has analyzed 3…
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