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Ads keep getting disapproved for malicious and unwanted content, but no issues in search console Our domain is https://estatelawyer.quebec Our ads keep getting rejected for malicious content. But I…
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Will you ever stop flag my program as a virus? This is a follow-up post to: https://support.google.com/webmasters/thread/3315593?msgid=3565039 Afte…
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Hi, my Google account was hacked, hacker used my account to use Google cloud platform Hi, my account was hacked and hacker used it to Open Google cloud platform and use it. I found out w… Hacked website (deceptive pages/social engineering) two-part question I've got a two-part question concerning my recently-hacked website. Site is maxphotostudio(dot)com I… Please help,. i have malware url in my website Hello! I am the owner of the goldencomputer.pl website I received information from google search con…
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เพสโตโหลดเฟสไม่ได้ เราพยายามโหลดเฟสบุคจากเพสโตหลายรอบแล้วแไม่สำรวจ
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Website has deceptive pages, but it can't be found anywhere in the public_html I've submitted a review with google search console which provided me with all the links to the decep…
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Big names hacking big sites Hey everybody, I'd come across a big blackhat linking scheme somewhat recently involving the sites t…
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False Positive Submission There was a notification about the detection of malware on the site. Our software is not unwanted or…
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Can you anyone suggest me what I have to do this situation please ? Hello Again, Few month ago, I redesign my current website after compete full work. I resubmit my web…
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How can you prove your innocence? Dear Google, We are the developers of the software named 'Babylon'. You are blocking our website wit… Harmful downloads Hello All, Once every 12 month google raises an issue - Harmful downloads / links to harmful downloa…
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We have unknown external link been connected to our domain . How they can link to our Google domain We have Google domain and Weebly as our web hosting. Today found that we have someone's external web…
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I received a notification that my websites Google Analytics property association has been changed. I have tried to re-associate with my website - but it won't validate. Message type = WNC-795001. How…
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