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How can I find out if Google is indexing the mobile version of my website? I read an article on line that says "If Google indexes the mobile version of your site (which is rec…
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AMP validation error My two pages had "The tag 'link rel=canonical' appears more than once in the document." error. I sol… How to get Main clicks and impression in search console via search console api? According to some security reason, Google doesn't let us see all of the impression, and if you sum n… Hm. Something isn't right. We're checking into it now. Please let us know in our Help Forum. I cannot get into search console. I get the message you see in my question. What can I do to rectify… Our properties are not showing I logged into our search console today and none of the properties are listed. We have several (5-10)…
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Site haritası okunamadı hatası Merhaba, sitemap gönderiyorum fakat Site haritası okunamadı hatası ile karşılaşıyorum. Bu sorunu nas… Missing field "price" errors with configurable products, anyway around it? So I have a client who's well over 1000 products are dynamically configured, meaning no pricing is a…
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GSC Property Access Hello, I've been using GSC for the past week. This morning I logged in and my property is gone. When…
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No data showing on google console I have sitemap indexed, google analytics account working, i show up on google however, my google sea…
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Difference between SUM of 1000 searches in Search Console and what GSC shows on its homepage Hi y'all, I noticed a huge difference between the total sum of all the 1000 individual clicks V.S. t…
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Wordpress Sitemap error - Yoast sitemap This Wordpress website https://skjamynd.is/ has a sitemap here: https://skjamynd.is/sitemap_index.xm…
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Sitelinks all wrong Hello I can see I'm not the only one having this issue, not sure if anyone managed to resolve it. Si…
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do you know how I can drill down data to figure out how much traffic come from which rich data in GC Hi guys, I am wondering if anyone of you know how to drill down the data even further to figure out …
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linking search console how to login
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Trouble with Change of Address Hi, I`ve changed site domain in Search Console And setup 301 redirect for all pages. But I get error…
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Pages Sitemap couldn't fetch/couldn't be read in Google Search Console Hi, I have undertaken 2 website migrations this month. I’m having an issue with submitting the new s…
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External links API Hi, I am trying to get all the external link data for my sites. 1) Is there a way to download all th…
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"Couldn’t fetch the page" Getting error on change of address Hi, I have changed my domain from https://wyzchef.com to https://wyzchef.sg I have both these domain…
0 Recommended Answers 19 Replies 16 Upvotes
HTTP Error: 403 when submitting sitemap Out of the blue, I seriously started losing traffic and after checking google search console all my … Google News traffic issues We're experiencing a dramatic drop in traffic: - Following our site's transformation from http to ht…
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