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Updated: Yesterday
Website Redirect Error Hello anyone available to help, I was recently brought on a project to fix SEO for my company's webs…
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Domain order for company Our company has multiple websites. One of them is a main website, and the other three are just suppo…
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How can I post a pptx file for download without triggering a "Soft 404" report in Search Console? Search Console > Coverage in recent months began flagging several *.pptx and *.doc files as "Submitt…
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Site verification not working with Analytics I managed to set up analytics for my website built with Jekyll and deployed with GitHub Pages. The s… Delete unwanted URL on website Please delete this unwanted link which has been reflecting on my Travel Agency website side. I am tr…
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Google Search Console / Request Indexing is Not Working Properly. Usually It Can Index Instantly... Hello Google Webmaster Teams, I noticed that the Google search console is currently facing the probl… How do i Add Different URL Versions in Google search console? I am new And I Want add different URL Versions in the console. Like Https://example.com https://www.…
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Porn sites attached with my domain name In Google Search Console , there I saw file in Valid With Warning Option in Coverage Report column t… Is the rich result filter in Google Search Console inclusive of all specific rich result filters? The rich result filter doesn't appear to add up to the sum of all individual specific rich result se…
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I don't understand the mistakes since I'm not able to locate it My website of Posicionamiento web Málaga https://www.clicksolution.es/#home I have three errors: - T…
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Adding Website to be used in YouTube Card Links I manage multiple YouTube accounts for a business and I cannot get any new websites to become verifi…
0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 1 Upvote
Properties Not Showing on Disavow Tool Hello - I am trying to disavow toxic backlinks in our Search Console however, when i go to the Disav…
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404 error for all products in sitemaps Hello, I've just launched my new website and have linked google console. I've added the sitemap and … Mobile Usability Report says my page is not mobile friendly, but doing a live fetch is OK For my url https://simbasleep.com, the mobility usability report states the page is not mobile frien…
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Google tools: inconsistent Results? Mobile Friendly test VS GSC Mobile Usability These 2 tools showing different results.. is it something happening to you? Is GSC Mobile Usability …
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