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URL is not on Google This page is not in the index, but not because of an error. I have been at this for hours. bit.ly/2KUoLLx and I have no errors, robots.txt is fine, no http/2 is… Google de-indexed main pages of website for different location. By saying duplicate content! Hello all! I've been facing this issue from more than a month now! Google de-indexed main pages of m…
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Had top ranking, disappeared on google, reclaimed it and lost it again? Site is simple..grrr. So, for a decade my site was no 1, then switched web host, and it disappeared from google search, fi… Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead. This is my sitemap url  Site not indexed by Google? My site is salisburymusicalsociety.org.uk. I am trying to use Data Highlighter to tag events that we… Please help? Page Loading Issues = Mobile Friendly Test & Indexed dropped 56K>12K& ERRORS w/ crawl? I don't know where to start. 1) My pages started dropping from being indexed - Google Search Console…
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Wrong website name showing 4 months after slight name change Hi, I changed my site name slightly 4 months ago to better reflect what I sell. However google is st…
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Image XML sitemaps - is it ok to have the same image on multiple URLs in the Image sitemap? Our website often uses the same image on multiple pages. My question is when we create an image site… Page disappeared from time to time from SERP Hi, my site disappears from search result totally when I ask for my unique brand name in one languag…
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blocked by robots.txt when it is not I can't get some files get indexed by google. URL Live test said that it is blocked by robots.txt, b…
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Question about Yoast Yoast is highly recommended as the Wordpress SEO plugin. But how accurate are its suggestions to hel… How do I fix Sitemap Submitted URL marked ‘noindex’ Issue I have been Facing Sitemap Noindex error in my search console for my website how to fix it equesto
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How to Improve Keyword Ranking to My Website for a Particular Keyword? I have worked too long to get my target keyword “uber clone script” rank into the first page, but it…
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Afraid my outdated sitemap is the one getting indexed Hi, I am afraid my sitemap may not be indexed correctly. When I log in to search console, it shows t…
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my site display in search console URL is on Google, but has issues, URL is not available to Google URL is not available to Google and it also display url is on ggole but some issue. and sitemap not g…
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Is CloudFront Causing Inorganic Backlinks or Duplicate Issue? I have a site that uses cloudfront and I've noticed that it completely duplicates our site on a clou…
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Blocked by robots.txt Error I've been dealing with this problem for 2 months. I couldn't find a solution. Robots.txt: ​ User-age…
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URL will be indexed only if certain conditions are met I am having problems to get the site indexed. The well known message "URL will be indexed only if ce…
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My website seems to have been penalized, but I have no idea why!? I have looked at my competitor's websites who rank both highly and consistently, and used tools to s…
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Website INDEXED but not appearing in Search Results Hi, my website www.bookatechy.com which has been successfully indexed on Google, does not really app…
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