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gmail HTML nézetben előfordul hogy az elküldőt levelek közt szerepel olyan amiket el sem küldtem Tőbúszőr észre vettem hogy üres levelek szerepelnek az elküldött levelek közt amik ugyan abban az id…
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Reviews stars are not showing up on google but AggregateRating is present So it seems that the reviews stars under some of the listing on my website are not showing on Google…
FAQ - Google Jobs Search Feature Hello Webmasters! Much has happened since our previous FAQ post as Google’s job search feature is co…
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website http to https google search console problem Hello. Im change my website from http to https but in google search console website is register like… Does domain authority effect structured data to disappear on Google search results? For the past 7 months until now I'm still struggling with structured date. Before 7 months ago struc…
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Article Structured Data & Images - What to do when an article doesn't contain images? Hi Webmasters, I am currently working with a company who publish scientific journals from scientists…
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Schema Errors With International Price Formatting We have a number of websites for different countries at the company that I work for. That being said… categories failed to update categories
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On Google SERP, Breadcrumb is not shown using the mobile version Hi great contributors, I'm facing an issue on my website, and I've tried to get it fixed, but I coul… How to disable google amp search result on my phone without having to download an unsafe brower I hate Google amp search results. I can't access the URL to copy without going through so many extra… Schema markup changed error exists My theme function kept review schema on every products and that had errors shown on Search console. … How to integrate references in schema markup correctly on my Aboutme-page Hi, I'm just updating my "Aboutme"-page and added some references like a legal allowance as holistic…
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