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Help adding a new user. I keep getting the error "Failed to add user: email not found". Whenever I try to add a new user the get the error "Failed to add user: email not found". Can anyone…
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Search console gives message "Property not in account" and I can't add it. I've received the following mail from the Google Search console team: Google has detected that some …
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gsc mobile usability report gives error for desktop version, is it bugged? hey there folks! i got a problem with one of my clients. we have seperate versions for desktop and m…
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Search Console "Test URL" Results Show Images Broken. A Reason For Concern? Hello everyone, I had a question about the test results when I submit a url to Google via Search Con…
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How to delete XML sitemap from Google Search Console? I've set the pages inside of 3 different XML sitemaps to noindex and therefore I want to remove thos…
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Not able to verify the site via Domain method. Getting an error message everytime. I'm trying to update the TXT code in my DNS site from yesterday but still getting above error every …
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After almost 6 months my average position is still around 37. I added meta-tags to all pages, created 2 languages (english and dutch), added content to product pa…
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I can't get Analytics to link with Search Console despite domain already been verified I went to Analytics>Property Setting>Search Console Settings>Add Linked Site: This site is not linke… Google Search Console does not display Links (external and internal) for Tumblr website Dears, I am having a couple of Tumblr websites that I mainly use for sharing content from my blogs. …
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Cuándo se actualiza la información de "Páginas más enlazadas"? Estoy revisando "Páginas más enlazadas" y veo datos incorrectos. Se indican enlaces inexistentes ent…
0 Recommended Answers 3 Replies 0 Upvotes
Should I disavow Nofollow broken links? In the past days, I was created some Nofollow links for my site with article post on medium.com. All… Mobile Usability incorrect on Google Search Console? Hi there, On my Google Search Console -> for the website https://www.turnoffthelights.com it said th… Sitemap can be read, but has errors Sitemap can be read, but has error "Empty Sitemap" which I get for XML sitemap but while checking it…
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