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Soft 404 on Pages with canonical tag Hi there, Pagination has canonical tags on my website. Example : /example/421?page=161 this url cano… my chinese landing page cannot be index by "soft 404" where english landing page not have any error the Chinese landing page can be indexed 3 months before but cannot be indexed now the reason of "sof… How can I fix Soft 404 issue Haven’t been able to view the page whose URL is similar to the email address of a denied membership … Soft 404 ? Hello, Awhile back I deleted existing tags and a handful show up as soft 404's on Google Search Cons…
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Site not being indexed to fixed soft 404 errors We have a site which previously had soft 404 errors, we have fixed the errors and the pages are stil… Google is saying I have 30k non-indexed pages. I think something is up with our site. Why would these show up as pages to be indexed?  Page Indexing Issue || 516892205 Please assist me in rectifying this issue
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My pages are not getting indexed I have a small website. My indexing report looks like that: The table below the graph is: I've been …
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Soft 404 errors Hello From the beginning of December 2022 we are getting a lot of URLs on the soft 404 error list in… Sudden increase in 404 Error On one of my blog, there is sudden increase in Soft 404 Errors. Also from past 6 weeks somebody is t… Indexing issue, removals, squarespace site: www.indoexo.com The URL is not on Google and I'm unable to fix it even after several attempts … My Blog Page Site is not Indexed on Google Hi Team, My website blog page - https://blog.simplivlearning.com/ is not indexed in google. Previous…
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404 Error's keeps on increasing Hi everyone, much required help regarding sorting out some issues related to 404's, canonical URL's …
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Google index CSS & JS and Wordpress files Google index some files of my website Question: 1. Why does google index these WordPress files? 2. w… Soft 404 for perfectly good pages A large number of pages on my website are tagged as Soft 404 and therefore not indexed. I inspected …
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Soft 404 Issue We have tried to reduce the soft 404 issue, but in vain. Can someone advise us what needs to be done…
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Wrongly detected soft 404s I have a few developer pages that list sample responses as well as error responses and Google Search…
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