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We've seen a 50% drop in Search traffic post-broad core algorithm update 3 Recommended Answers 81 Replies 161 Upvotes
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The day after the broad core algorithm update (June 3rd) we saw a massive drop in Search traffic from Google (lost 50% of daily traffic).  This was a drop over the course of 24-hours and we have not made any changes to the site.  Further, we saw our Discover traffic drop by 90% and has not improved.   This is across all verticals, devices, AMP and Non-AMP.  

My site is:  dailymail.co.uk 

What's bizarre is that we have a much more pronounced decline in the UK vs. the US.  This is weird b/c the UK is our home region and historical drops have always been much more prominent in the US.  

Further, on June 2nd we saw a blip for a few hours when our Google Bot traffic almost disappeared, before returning again.  Could possibly be related? On the same day traffic from google-mediapartners shot up for a short while before returning to normal.
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Did you see any hints of problems in the Google Search Console? Are all the sitemaps submitted OK? 
If you try a few important URLs with the URL Inspection tool and live test, is all OK? 
Have a look also at the robots.txt tester tool. 

It might be unrelated to the drop in search results, but you have a subdomain called jobs that redirects status 301 to the jobsite website, so all links to your subdomain are passed to the jobsite website, that is a general website. 
Maybe ask them to create a subfolder for your site and redirect your subdomain to their subfolder, at least it would be to content related specifically to your site, even if links to your subdomain pass so-called link juice to their site. 

Also, your site has a games subdomain, where https URLs redirect status 301 to http URLs. It might not be important, but usually the redirect is the other way, http to https. 

Another thing that might not be related, your favicon can seem, at a quick look in search results on the small screen of a phone, a bit like an old-style ad marker. 
And favicons started to appear in search results quite recently. 
It might be nothing, and anyway you cannot change the favicon.
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Similarly happening on my website as well, what is going on with Google News at the moment? AMP traffic & Discover traffic completely stopped.
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Adrian, can you please open your own thread, maybe post there more details like the site URL etc.
We always have in this forum questions referring to different sites that seem to have the same problems as other sites, but when more details are given, very often the situations turn up to be unrelated.
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The homepage has the redirect 301 - result from Redirect Checker:
301 Moved Permanently
200 OK

What is your purpose for doing this? Googlebot can follow this redirection and ignore the home page.

The web has the mobile-first index of Google. Search-result rankings for your website is based on the signals from the mobile version. 
The best solution is to use the AMP framework for your website. Use only responsive design and do not use different versions for desktop and amp.

This same web page has structured data with the top-level type such as CollectionPage. However, the main content of the web page does not have information about any collections, but it only has a list of posts. Likely to create relevant structured data for this web page it may be useful to use the Google guide for a carousel

Be accountable and transparent
Content should feature transparent information about the author, clearly accessible contact information (such as email and physical addresses, and phone numbers), and posts with datelines and bylines. 
The webpage /news/article-7110655/Lone-piper-plays-mark-exact-minute-British-troops-landed.html has structured data with 4 warning for the top-level type such as NewsArticle. It hardly helps.
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@Jesús, see what Google did to VAVEL.com in Spain since 2014, is afraid only to se the chart.

Google never sent a manual action for we can see the motive. We always have fulfill all the guidelines carefully and work in fix it while 4 years.

Count with our company for any action:

Google must explain this kind of actions and sanctions.

Is like if European Union sanctions Google with XXX M€ and no explain why. 

This is what Google is doing with companies like us.

Sanction companies traffic (and income) and no explaining why.

Google can't continue doing this.
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I'm not saying this is definitely what's going on but have you considered that Google may be tidying up publishers that are considered less trustworthy, extremist or 'fake news' type sites? 

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No, with all the respect let us explain what we are seeing in SERPs.

Currently, In the news module has Fake News because have more CTR than deep journalism without Click-bait titles.

An example, elGolDigital is fake news site, always the 1st due have a "great User experience" sure, people click more in Fake News having more CTR, they invent majority of news done and are always the 1st in very competitive queries:

However we do a report about Rodrigo and:

I'm not Google Search enginer but compare please in quality, interest for user, in journalism terms, relevance and all:

+ Our article of VAVEL.com published today (96)
1113 words

Other article of AS.com published today (2nd position in GS)
134 words

246 words with sensationalism information

Compare please.
+ Our result is 1st in Qwant and Bing.
+ Indexed but missing ranking in Google news box and search.

Google miss the point in filter quality, the algorithm now is based in authority of websites that only promote the big and classic media brands and CTR and this cause sensationalism news and reduce the growth of new digital media companies.

We consider is time to be aware and rectify.

What Google did to our company for example, demoting all our content in spanish, english and italian, is out of any sense.
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Hi JRG, please keep the details for the Vavel site in the threads created about the Vavel site, it would be simpler for everyone. 
The question in this thread is about very recent changes in search results that happen to coincide with the algo update a few days ago, the threads about Vavel started long time ago, so the situations might be unrelated.
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No problem. I ll do my question focused in global terms and constructive manner. I'll like to make FORMER PROPOSAL TO GOOGLE TEAM: Why Google no explain and share to companies sanctioned the causes of the penalties via GSC automatically after a period of time. We are blinds to recover.

Manual Actions && Automatic Actions is a demand of community.

Imagine the European Union sanctions Google with xxx M€ and no say Google why. 
This is what Google is doing to companies like Daily Mail or VAVEL !!

We understand can't do that with hackers or spammers, but Google has the data saved when automatic algorithm apply sanctions / demotions / penalizations to sites. Can be after a period of time, notice the company website registered in Google My business the problem via GSC and share this data for companies can fix the problems and focus in create quality content instead SEO.

"Dear webmaster: Your website was sanction by spammy links from PBN by our automatic algorithms". And then this company can work in fix it knowing where to focus and focus in improve quality without SEO problems.

This will improve a lot the image of Google in eyes of the community.

We never had any sanction is any other search engine. In 10 years.
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I have seen drops in some other sites, and the similarity between my suffering sites and the dailymail are the "distracting" ads that make it difficult to distinguish between real content and ads....

Do you suppose this is what is hurting you? Your decline has been going on since the March core update...

To be honest: as far as advertising is concerned, the dailymail is the worst newspaper site I have seen...
At the moment you have lots of banner ads PLUS an autoplay video in the sidebar PLUS an autoplay popup video...

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I can see lots of comments which are not adding much value to the main content. That could be a problem also. If you care about the comments but don't want to risk low rankings because of them, you can use a comment systems which can be ignored from indexing (I think you can do that with Discuss).
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Your user experience is dreadful.

Dreadful page load speeds (that crash even fast browsers) and ads EVEYWHERE.
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Its easy, your site got a penalty! You should work better with your on page seo and content quality.... google do not like spammy messy sites
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This happens with all News sites. The AMP traffic disappeared, it remained only on rare articles. Look at the speed of news updates in the top stories on news requests - hours and days. This is a fiasco for Google News.
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@User 13379864875424012629 Finally someone said it, AMP traffic dropped to zero for a huge number of sites and Google News is not updating regularly for breaking news stories. You've got weeks and months old articles stuck there.
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Hi Jesus,

There's a potential canonical issue from the root - https://www.dailymail.co.uk

I notice you have IP redirection in place to direct US users to the US version of the site - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html

Has this always been in place? 

When you query Googles cache, Google shows the US version of the site:

cache:https://www.dailymail.co.uk - Points to - https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html 

(Try opening image in new tab)

cache:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/home/index.html  - is self referencing
cache:https://www.dailymail.co.uk/ushome/index.html - is also self referencing

Using search consoles recent update which allows you to view canonical outside your profile, I can see that Google is selecting the US site as a canonical when you inspect your root via the URL inspector -https://www.dailymail.co.uk/

(Try opening image in new tab)

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I think the content is fine. It's all of the ads that might finally be penalizing your site. 

not to mention it's damn hard to read anything. There's just a lot wrong with this site.

just go to your site on a mobile phone. It's ridiculous. How does this stuff like this get approved?
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Not enough racism and jailbait?
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Crap site also SEO is bad
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We have exactly the same problem as described with our crypto news website (https://u.today), AMP traffic is on zero-level, popular search queries are filled with outdated top-stories from dinosaurs like Bloomberg, FXstreet or Coindesk. All comparable sites(our competitors) have the same issues (we've researched a lot).
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Mobile friendly search capability update. I might have missed it, but searching your site is hard.  The winner, mirror.co.uk has prominent search display.  Amazon on mobile product pages has a prominent search display. Most of the winners had easy search functionality.  Users want simple navigation menu and quick ability to search.
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Maybe Google have caught up with all the theft of other real journalists' content that the Daily Mail does:
Good job, Google:

Its called Karma
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One reply mentions it could be Google tidying up 'fake news' / 'extremist' sites... The daily mail is most commonly known to be the most 'fake' news paper... this could be a reason?

No malicious intent was meant, just a thought.
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Hey Jesus,

Interesting element around the whole pages dropping from index, what do you think in relation to:

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Stop publishing fake news, write readable articles, I think you get hit by penalty cuz of spammy site
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Well even coming to this forum is a bad SEO practice, you should had written your findings on front page of Daily Mail, you would had gotten so many links. Many from reputable websites that would never dreamt to link to Daily Mail. 

But as you ask for help this community will not put you on a cross again, Jesus. 

So here is what I think you should do:

- Put a one slider for you Boss and in return, Bosses Boss, to show a forecast of when you hitting bottom if nothing changes. I would say pretty soon at this rate

- Suggest to them to:
  1. Don't be evil - (this one is free as Google let it go a while back). This also includes telling the truth. 
  2. Adapt business strategy so that Consumers that come to your site get to read some of the content buried under the mountain of ads, modals and just unrelated stuff to the articles.
  3. Hire an SEO expert to sort some of the elementary stuff that this forums has highlighted in 5 minutes of audits they have done on your site and
    1.  got infected for life with who knows what virus, 
    2. seen images that cant be unseen and 
    3. gone against all their moral principles to help you out.
- Put another slide with the above strategy to forecast the return to Search Engine Result Pages. I think you should use pictures as that is the only thing that Daily Mail Bosses Boss understands. 

Good luck and long live the SEO community for helping desperate souls. 

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We are having the exact same issue here, either Google cleaned all the small websites to promote the huge media ones or it is in stand by awaiting the core update to finish. Either way I guess most small publishers will suffer the consequences. Time to find a job everyone, this is it. Big media won the game.
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@Serjio S 
We are experiencing the same anguish - one spammy website with laughable name (cryptonewsz.com) is dominating all medium and small keywords with their automatically created content. It is beyond ridiculous what is shown on Google News right now.
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Serjio, it would be better if you could open your own thread, it would be easier there to focus on your website.
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Many people complaining about news market lastly. 

Don't think the algorithm should be reviewed as it is damaging in huge way medium and small media?

Would be a fair action by Google. Seems the team did some errors in the goal of stop fake news and many collateral victims doesn't deserve it.
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I have too same problem. My site age is 4 mouths. I thougth its related about age but isn't.
I think the problem is solved today (07.06.2019). Analytics tools shows near old scores.
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Just heard Rush Limbaugh mention your issue on the radio about the Daily Mail UK. It seems that what has happened is that Google doesn't want any pro-Trump coverage showing up in the UK and has decided to put its crosshairs on your news website.
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Hey I took a quick look and in 10 mins I found millions of spammy duplicate content pages. Take the news content that's surfaced on the state level pages for example. This is all auto generated content spam. Also take note that you have a jobs subdomain with only 13 indexed pages. You probably got hit hard there (based on low indexed pages count) because its all scraped and unoriginal content. It took me less time to figure all that out than it did to write this comment. So take it with a grain, but based on this quick and dirty look under the hood, my hunch is that Google will announce that the core update had to do with removing unoriginal duplicate content from its index. Think of it as like a Panda update for 2019. But we shall see. Can anyone from Google confirm if this hypothesis is correct? Google cleaned up auto generated scraped or syndicated content and removed it from the index.. right?!?
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Lol daily mail is scum. Fake news ! Deserved to be dropped .
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The Daily Mail sources most of it's content directly from Associated Press, as do many news websites. Infact, the AP relies on algorithms to generate some of it's content. It's been going on for a long time.

The daily mail doesn't rewrite many of these articles. Neither do some other news websites. And even if they do spin up the content from it's original they do such a poor job at it. Google can easily spot these sorts of articles. They've put a lot of effort into trying to stop duplicate content because of tools like article spinners and auto rewriters. Black hat marketers used such techniques to generate traffic easily.

Lest we not forget that the Daily Mail still pushes clickbait, and controversial topics on race, religion and politics.

I'm willing to be this is why the site took a large hit. A lack of original content.
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As other have stated, the site is breaking numerous Google best practices which might have caused it to dip during the latest June core update. In fact, it's surprising that the site hasn't already been hit by any of the previous updates.

As others have mentioned,
  • Canonical issues
  • Excessive ads & placement
  • Non-responsiveness
  • Excessively slow loading speed
Things others have not mentioned yet include the structure of the site, link flow, overlapping issues, spacing issues and much, much more. The issue you're likely to face as a team is that there are so MANY things that could be wrong that it's quite difficult to pin point where to start without further destroying the business.

Do you remove ads and risk a further loss in revenue when you have employees relying on you?
Do you focus on a responsive design which could take weeks (if not months) if that's not the main issue?

Anyone can highlight the issues, however if you want to recover as quickly as possible while minimizing revenue loss, I can help you. If you posted here to vent at Google, then I'm sure they heard you. Otherwise, look me up.

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Malwarebytes is generating a clickbait warning when I visit the site.

Many sites that decline with Google broad quality updates over the years also  have clickbait warnings.

I would address the quality & behavior issues that cause such warnings.
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How can we analyzee to site about  clickbait or malwarebytes?
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>How can we analyzee to site about  clickbait or malwarebytes?

Clickbait is content (especially a headline) that uses exaggeration and sensationalism to entice you into clicking on a link to a particular web page. Clickbait often leads to content of questionable value.

Clickbait protection: Blocks content and websites that often display behavior of questionable value.
  • DISCLAIMERClickbait filtering is in no way politically motivated, it is purely behaviorally based
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Rush Limbaugh mentioned this on his radio show last week. It seems like Google wants to target conservative leaning news outlets because they are so afraid of another Trump victory.
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Yeah, because Rush Limbaugh is my go-to source for SEO advice.
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>>dinosaurs like Bloomberg, FXstreet or Coindesk

Having much experience in this industry, I'd hardly refer to these sources as dinosaurs. 

As to the issue in this case, it seems the OP has dropped out and that the issue may have been temporary and transitional. Best to wait and see if the OP can or will update us as to statue.
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Hello, googlebot is a user and indexes the content. He is treated only as a user and redirected to the US version.
Hreflang meta tags are used to display the same (or very similar) content in different languages ​​(or languages ​​per country). In this case, IP or geographic redirection makes difficult correct indexing.
Another assumption: If the content is very different, the hreflangs are not used. In this case you can geographically orient each "home" page to the country indicated in the search console, in addition to continuing to use the redirect.

I also think that x-default is misconfigured. Review the google guidelines on this subject.
I would not know how to explain it better because of my bad English language
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Michael Wechsler
But how about Google giving huge visibility to sites with automated content like cryptonewsz.com or cryptopolitan.com - both 6-7 month old and completely unreliable with, as I have mentioned before, either automated or non-native poor quality content, both from standpoint of grammar and subject matter.
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Thousands of sites are affected with June 2019 core update, Google is playing with people lives, Google Monopoly should come to an end, Google can destroy you in a few minutes, it can make you a beggar. Good websites which only concentrate on quality content are affected. 
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Our Site https://mareeg.com- has  seen on June the 3rd  a Huge drob From Google trafic both on AMP and Non AMP discovery .  Is this to do  with Google Algorithm  Update?. Google has not explain the reason behind  this. Can any one know whY?
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Start cleaning the crap you've been doing for the past few years, like https://discountcode.dailymail.co.uk/, a space sold to monetize and deceive the serp.
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Hello Jesus, some publications report that dailymail.co.uk appears to be recovering from the June update. I am interested in learning what may have helped you regain the traffic if you are willing to share.
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