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We've seen a 50% drop in Search traffic post-broad core algorithm update 3 Recommended Answers 81 Replies 153 Upvotes
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The day after the broad core algorithm update (June 3rd) we saw a massive drop in Search traffic from Google (lost 50% of daily traffic).  This was a drop over the course of 24-hours and we have not made any changes to the site.  Further, we saw our Discover traffic drop by 90% and has not improved.   This is across all verticals, devices, AMP and Non-AMP.  

My site is:  dailymail.co.uk 

What's bizarre is that we have a much more pronounced decline in the UK vs. the US.  This is weird b/c the UK is our home region and historical drops have always been much more prominent in the US.  

Further, on June 2nd we saw a blip for a few hours when our Google Bot traffic almost disappeared, before returning again.  Could possibly be related? On the same day traffic from google-mediapartners shot up for a short while before returning to normal.
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Did you see any hints of problems in the Google Search Console? Are all the sitemaps submitted OK? 
If you try a few important URLs with the URL Inspection tool and live test, is all OK? 
Have a look also at the robots.txt tester tool. 

It might be unrelated to the drop in search results, but you have a subdomain called jobs that redirects status 301 to the jobsite website, so all links to your subdomain are passed to the jobsite website, that is a general website. 
Maybe ask them to create a subfolder for your site and redirect your subdomain to their subfolder, at least it would be to content related specifically to your site, even if links to your subdomain pass so-called link juice to their site. 

Also, your site has a games subdomain, where https URLs redirect status 301 to http URLs. It might not be important, but usually the redirect is the other way, http to https. 

Another thing that might not be related, your favicon can seem, at a quick look in search results on the small screen of a phone, a bit like an old-style ad marker. 
And favicons started to appear in search results quite recently. 
It might be nothing, and anyway you cannot change the favicon.
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Similarly happening on my website as well, what is going on with Google News at the moment? AMP traffic & Discover traffic completely stopped.
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Adrian, can you please open your own thread, maybe post there more details like the site URL etc.
We always have in this forum questions referring to different sites that seem to have the same problems as other sites, but when more details are given, very often the situations turn up to be unrelated.
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The homepage has the redirect 301 - result from Redirect Checker:
301 Moved Permanently
200 OK

What is your purpose for doing this? Googlebot can follow this redirection and ignore the home page.

The web has the mobile-first index of Google. Search-result rankings for your website is based on the signals from the mobile version. 
The best solution is to use the AMP framework for your website. Use only responsive design and do not use different versions for desktop and amp.

This same web page has structured data with the top-level type such as CollectionPage. However, the main content of the web page does not have information about any collections, but it only has a list of posts. Likely to create relevant structured data for this web page it may be useful to use the Google guide for a carousel

Be accountable and transparent
Content should feature transparent information about the author, clearly accessible contact information (such as email and physical addresses, and phone numbers), and posts with datelines and bylines. 
The webpage /news/article-7110655/Lone-piper-plays-mark-exact-minute-British-troops-landed.html has structured data with 4 warning for the top-level type such as NewsArticle. It hardly helps.
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Hello Jesus, some publications report that dailymail.co.uk appears to be recovering from the June update. I am interested in learning what may have helped you regain the traffic if you are willing to share.
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