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I provide a free file hosting service, how do avoid my site blocked by Google 0 Recommended Answers 7 Replies 57 Upvotes
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I have a site where people can upload files easily to send over email/etc. There is quite a bit of volume in terms of uploaded files and files expire automatically after a few days so usually it is not an issue.

A few days ago however, someone uploaded a file named "Crossfire2.0 New Cheat Update2019-2020.exe" (sha256:a31850c1eeb5e606a9b4c2fac56a723661178946bffed3fa7ab2051b60a3349c) which Google found to be harmful, and blocked the whole site from Google Chrome:

My question is: is there a way to tell Google to not block the whole site and let us know if this happens? There's a reporting system on the site and I'd be happy to provide Google an API to report harmful files so the team here can review these. Unilaterally blocking the whole site on Chrome, which is the top browser at least for our user base, is an issue. If it can't be helped then it's fine for Google to block the single problematic page.

Please can we avoid blocking the whole site when only one page is involved for file hosting sites?
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See if safebrowsing would work for you.
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Google already sends an email when the site is blocked. What would be more helpful would be a way to tell google the site contains user submitted contents that is not under the operator's control.

If I put a link to the file in question here will Google block support.google.com? Probably not. Where's the difference and how can I avoid this in the future?
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Read through all info and all linked info.

From what you are saying, though, you cannot preemptively get Google to give any dispensation for files uploaded to your site. You'd need to get all such uploads emailed/ checked somehow before they were posted.
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The file returned clear on our antivirus check (clamav). Virustotal confirms around 2/3rd of virus software out there would detect it as malware.

I'm still hoping Google somehow has a way to prevent the whole site from being blocked in this kind of case.
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Keep in mind Google's priority is to protect users. If the suspect files can be reached from other pages on the site, then the entire site can be blocked. No way to circumvent this as far as I know.
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maybe best for you is to generate unique URLs based on user. Something like:
and this 123123... to be dynamically generated based on user agent/IP/datetime and other.

So once bot is coming he will not be able to download that file.

Alternative is to use VirusTotal API and check each upload against it.


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Maybe, you can zip uploaded files and hope Google robot could not detect zip files. Or if it could then well choose a uncommon compress format.

I'm not sure if this is a violation to Google rules.
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