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Last edited 3/9/19
Hi, I’d appreciate very much if you could help!

I’ve a small blog about table tennis (in Chinese) set up in 2012. The competition is low. The primary keyword ‘table tennis’ (in Chinese) brought out the front page on the upper half of the first page in SERPs for at least four years.

However, since Nov, 2018, the front page disappeared on even the first ten pages. Meanwhile, all other keywords are not affected. Just the front page can no longer be brought out by any keyword again.
I’ve even hired a sophisticated SEO expert to cure it. He can’t find the reason and he doesn’t think it is a penalty from Google. There is no message, nothing special in the Search Console.

Thank you very much in advance!
May, 2018         The English version was added. (The blog is in Chinese.)
Oct, 2018         The URLs were changed from http to https. ‘301 redirect’ was used.
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+ Your website represents business such as table tennis training. However, the website is completely devoid of information about the organization of your business. Check About identifiers of your business on our forum. Accordingly, the website does not have information about the organization responsible for the content of the website and each web page. Check the following information of the requirements Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness - EAT of Google:

● Who (what individual, company, business, foundation, etc.) is responsible for the website.
● Who (what individual, company, business, foundation, etc.) created the content on the page.
● The authoritativeness of the creator of the Main Content, the Main Content itself, and the website.
● The trustworthiness of the creator of the Main Content, the Main Content itself, and the website.

+ The webpage /?page_id=57 has information about your trainer, but it is not possible to identify this person as an authorized trainer. 
Here it may be necessary to create the following: 
Here it may be useful to establish links to his diplomas, licenses, awards, published works, profiles in educational organizations, associations, societies and the like, a links to third-party websites that confirm the competence, authoritativeness and trustworthiness of his as the expert of the subject. Here you can also install digital copies of documents confirming the specified information.
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Hi Nikolaj Antonov,
Thank you very much for your advice! I just checked again the download speed and it seemed not that slow. Anyway, I’ll try to improve those aspects.

I know my site doesn’t have so much SEO and there are a lot to improve. Below are my questions:

- It seems those problems would cause the front page ranking to fall from the page one, to such as page four or five, but now it is out of the first ten pages and no keywords can bring it out?

- Why those pages other than the front page aren’t affected?

- Those other websites ranked before me, on the first one or two pages, have less SEO than mine, such as school site. It makes me think the SEO level may not be the main problem?

What do you think? 

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From my experience, table tennis or "ping pong" is a very popular sport in/around China. They take it very seriously here in New York City too (especially Flushing.) Perhaps you can explain why you believe this is an unusual keyword. From my perspective, those two words are very broad and probably very difficult to rank high, especially long term.

You mention a school site and I wonder whether the reason Google is now ranking a school site above yours could be in relation to the term "instructor." As to "no keywords can bring it out" I'm wondering whether you've made any changes to try to coax performance out of the site, which I don't think is a good idea if done.

Most importantly, I don't know what searches you are performing in order to obtain results other than, what I'm guessing, is "table tennis" which can apply to just about anything (buy equipment, take lessons, professional leagues, etc.) so we really don't have context.
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Hi Cheung
I thought I'd add just a few points that are more about site quality than anything else
Speed - could be a better
Contact details - form doesnt seem to load and no physical address can be seen as a trust issue
http/https - might be worth looking into
Thought I'd add these as I was looking at your site.
Last edited 5/24/19
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