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AMP Indexing FAQs
Hello Webmasters,
I've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about AMP in Google Indexing. Please feel free to ask questions on this post, but you can also check these resources:
Q: In general, how long does it take for AMP pages to be indexed and served from Search? 
Crawling and indexing an AMP page is the same as crawling and indexing a regular web page. However, if you have AMP errors, especially around required markup, it will affect the success of your AMP pages being crawled. 

Useful resources to understand how indexing works:

How to optimize for indexing:

Q: If I launch X number of AMP pages, how long can I expect indexing will take? What factors affect selection? (with and without the assumption that the canonical page is being crawled and indexed)
Google crawls and indexes AMP pages at the same rate as regular pages. Ensure AMP documents are valid to increase successful crawl of the AMP pages. For more information, see My site isn’t indexed yet!.

Q: Is indexing different by page type - i.e. home page vs. product detail page? 
Home pages and product detail pages go through the same indexing flow. Google uses various factors, such as how often we've seen a page's primary content change, to determine the optimal crawl frequency on a per-page basis. While crawling is generally required for indexing and ranking, forcing a page to be recrawled more often doesn't affect its indexing or ranking. Google generally doesn’t distinguish product category page or product description page for search, but for example, category page may lead to the discovery of new product description pages.

Beware that dynamically generated product listing pages can easily become "infinite spaces" that make crawling harder than necessary. Learn more help center | blog post.

Q: If pages are likely to be changed or removed often, are they still good candidates for indexing?
Yes, it's fine to have page types that change frequently, such as auction items or classified ads that have a limited life-time. A site can give Google information on new & updated pages using sitemap files.


Q: Is there any way to accelerate the pace of indexing (for example, by creating AdWords campaigns)? 
Advertisement campaigns do not influence indexing or ranking of pages in Google's organic search results. 

Webmasters can help Googlebot by providing sitemaps, or, for individual URLs only, by submitting them through Search Console.

How to optimize for indexing:

Q: What is the impact of AMP on ranking?
AMP itself is not a ranking signal. Google Search is using mobile speed as a ranking factor, but sites can be fast by using a variety of techniques, including AMP.  That is, Google Search applies the same standard to all pages, regardless of the technology used to build the page.

Useful resources:

Q: Should I be concerned if only a small percentage of my AMP pages have been indexed and are surfacing in Search? 
A small percentage itself is not a problem. 
  • Use Search Console to get a status report for AMP pages found on your site if there are issues.
  • Google Search may not have discovered all of the AMP pages on your site. This is normal and will improve over time, as Google discovers the AMP pages. We recommend using sitemaps to notify Google of new and updated pages.
  • Googlebot tries to not cause problems for your site's serving infrastructure. It limits crawling based on how your site responds. It tries to prioritize in crawling and indexing most useful pages on your site. More information on prioritization of crawling.

Useful resources:

Q: Why do two results appear (AMP and non-AMP) when I search?
Google may not see links between AMP and its canonical such as when, for example, the amphtml link of the canonical page or the link to the canonical from AMP is broken. When these two documents can't be paired, they may be treated as separate documents.

Q: Should I tag my AMP pages any differently in this scenario? Desktop site (www), mobile site (m.) and AMP pages (on m.) when AMP points to m. and m. to AMP.
In the scenario of the question, where there is a desktop site and a mobile AMP site, 
  • AMP should point to desktop with <link rel="canonical”>
  • Desktop should point to AMP with <link rel="amphtml">
Check this page for more detail. 

AMP can also be stand-alone canonical that serves all traffic. In many cases, there's no need to have separate desktop or mobile (m.) sites.

If for some reason, all three of desktop, mobile, and AMP exist:
  • Desktop: point to AMP with <link rel="amphtml"> and to mobile with rel=alternate
  • Mobile: point to desktop with <link rel="canonical”> and to AMP with rel=amphtml (mobile should be equivalent in content to desktop)
  • AMP: point to desktop with <link rel="canonical”>

Useful resources:

Q: Why is my AMP page not showing up in the top stories carousel?
Adding structured data to your content may make your page eligible to appear in carousels and rich results. However, being eligible for a certain Search feature doesn’t guarantee display of that feature. 

Here are some other possible reasons your page isn’t surfacing in the top stories carousel:
  • The page hasn’t been indexed: For more information, see My site isn’t indexed yet!.
  • The page didn’t make it to the carousel: There is no guarantee that your page will appear in Search results as a specific feature. This is because search features depend on many factors, including the search device type, location, and whether Google thinks the feature would provide the best search experience for the user. For more information, see About Search features.
  • The page isn’t a valid AMP page: For more information, see Fix common AMP errors.

Q: Is AMP crawling coming off my crawl budget? 
Yes. Googlebot has to crawl all the documents, including AMP, within a server's crawl budget to avoid causing issues on your site. In general, most websites don't need to worry about the crawl budget, and AMP content is very efficient to be crawled and indexed.

When a modern search robot crawls a page, it also needs to fetch sub resources, like JavaScript, CSS, images, etc. to fully understand the page. The number of sub resources is a lot greater than the main document (according to HTTP Archive, the median number of requests on a site is over 70.). AMP pages generally require fewer resources.

Q: Why does the AMP report and the Index Coverage report differ?
While it's not ideal, the discrepancy between Index Coverage report and AMP report is expected. Index Coverage report tries to cover the whole index which may include stale information, while other reports including AMP report in Search Console cover more recent ones. This is because they have different purposes that Index Coverage report provides an overview of indexed documents from the host and other reports are more about identifying issues on the host.

Useful resources:
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Relevant Answer
Everyone I have spoken to recommends we don't use AMP pages on our e-commerce store, and they have even gone as far to say using AMP can slow down some mobile pages because of the Google Java used?

We usually install most new things from Google as soon as we can, but what are the general feelings about what I'm being told, is there any weight behind it?
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Relevant Answer
Event yone l have spokan to Recommends we don't use AMP pages on purpose oure- commerce store and they have gone to say using AMP dan slow down Rame mobile legenda 
Java user ??
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Relevant Answer
Hi! Thank you for this detail Q&A on AMP. With regards seperate URLs for AMP, Desktop and mobile, within the support documents for Seperate URLs and mobile first indexing, it notes that the mobile version of the page is preferred for crawling. Therefore, it makes total sense that the rel amphtml is indicated on the mobile version.  But, would it not be recommended to use the rel alternate indicating the mobile version on the AMP to indicate the preferred mobile version outside Googles mobile Serp features? Or is the reason you don't indicate the mobile rel alternate on AMP is due to AMP only being crawled if it is indicated as the AMP version from another page via (rel=alternate"amphtml") And then finally if the latter is correct, does AMP crawling stop there at page level or does the Googlebot follow links on that page to discover other content? And thus would consistencies need to be considered regarding the canonical in terms of internal linking?
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Relevant Answer
How to fix the errors of #Image size smaller then the recommended size?
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Relevant Answer
There is amp error showing in my webmaster tool, If i romeve amp from website then how much time it will take to be fine.
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Relevant Answer
Mizan, For this problem you need to increase the size of your images and their resolution. You should try to make your blogs informative and useful for the readers. 
To fix this problem you can simply download AMP image smaller than recommended size fix Plugin

I hope you've got the solution now!

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Relevant Answer
amp is very much important for ranking google
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Relevant Answer
Anyone needing help  with their own websites should post their own thread.
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Relevant Answer
I like the speed of AMP but there is plenty of errors. Google hates eve its own tracking code.... ftw ?! AMP plugins are full with allot of errors that G Console is not going to forgive.......PS: On a WP website from an AMP app in the minute I have turned on tracking it killed 10 precent from the speed HAHAHAHAHA
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Relevant Answer
AMP has many advantages that the web runs fast but there are also disadvantages such as poor user experience, bad interface, I use one month for the website https://thuethamtuuytin.com/cam-nang -dich-vu-tham-tu.html had to remove AMP!
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Relevant Answer
This problem has been coming since I set up the AMP on my site,
This is the error ( Invalid URL protocol in attribute 'href' of tag 'link rel=manifest' )
Now what can I do to fix it?
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Relevant Answer
I am facing same error. Did you solve this problem?
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