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How to prove third party review and ratings to be correct and real? 1 Recommended Answer 11 Replies 41 Upvotes
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we are developing an App which of course has a website.
I added some of our ratings and reviews from the users given in Google Play and Apple Store and corresponding JSON-LD's.
Example of an individual review (Review -> Rating).
Example of the overall reviews  (UserReview -> AggregateReview) 

I could not find the answers from the Internet where is more information about faking the data. E.g. making your rating 5/5 from 1000000 people. I would not like to fake so a few questions arised:

1. It is the developer of the site who can add the data which can be fake or real.
How can I prove the authenticity of a user review? Linking to the third party site where the review exists? Any other means? In both stores, there is a "Link to this review" link. Is it be possible to link the individual Rating to this link?

2. We have now 15 Apple store ratings and 12 Google Store ratings. So as an aggregated rating we got 5 in Apple Store and 4.833 in Google Play => average 4,9165 => ~4,9. One page can have one AggregatedRating but what about now when the rating is coming from two different sources? 

Then I tested them with Google's testing tool and a couple of questions arised.

3. Who is the author of AggregatedRating if the ratings are added by me, but they actually come from Google and Apple? Because it is actually a required field or at least the testing tool gives an error "A value for the author field is required." because I leave it empty for now.

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Hi, very good question. I'm going to answer nonsense. Votes can come from different IPs or from third parties as companies dedicated to reviews.
Other participants may say something better. a greeting
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It is questionS. :)

But if it would be a question it might be something like: "How does Google or consumer of the data validate the authenticity of the source"?
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Your website represents a product and local business that offers this product. In this regard, check the following information from the Google guide for Review
Technical guidelines
    • Refer clearly to a specific product or service by nesting the review within the markup of another schema.org type, such as schema.org/Book or schema.org/LocalBusiness, or by using a schema.org type as a value for the itemReviewed property.
    • Make sure the reviews and ratings you mark up are readily available to users from the marked-up page. It should be immediately obvious to users that the page has review content.
    • Sites must collect ratings information directly from users and not from other sites.
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Hi Nikolaj,

it is not a local business it's... I think the exact definition should be https://schema.org/MobileApplication but it is in Beta so I just use "Thing" (or "Intangible" etc.). Maybe I should change it to SoftwareApplication but I'd like to understand this first.

For the technical part 1: "Make sure the reviews and ratings you mark up are readily available to users from the marked-up page." Yes, they are there because I added them there. :)

Part: 2: "Make sure the reviews and ratings you mark up are readily available to users from the marked-up page." => This is only for local stores.
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i change all internal link from home page to category

but still show home page in search results
هنوز تو نتایج جست جو با جست جوی کلیدواژه کوادکوپتر
آدرس اصلی سایت رو میاره
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