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Re: Correct Code for removing https:// from indexing

A https page can be shown in google they are treated the same as http. With the redirection you are doing - redirect to the same page on http and users of the checkout shouldnt get the home page. Setting the redirect correctly should solve all your issues.
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What are the various methods that we can use to stop the https:// from indexing and getting our real page back.

Webado wrote a tutorial about this a while back and it might be some help. It explains how to do both site-wide https to http (which is not what you want) and selective https to http redirects (for certain specific pages) either in .htaccess or using php headers. 
Hi Chris

Before you get too focused on technical issues, I'd just like to add that going from https to http, or the other way around, generally won't noticeably change your pages' ranking. 


I see that it won't change page rankings, but what about all the links on sites that have https? Will you lose all those links or can you redirect to http?

For example, if I posted a link to Facebook that listed https://www.mysite.com/post-123/ and I want to remove my https to have the page just be http://www.mysite.com/post-123/, will it just pull up a 404 or do I have to redirect every single page/post to keep that link alive?

Thank you for your help...I've been looking all over the place to find out how to do this!
Hi Brent

To avoid confusion and get the best advice, please open your own thread and tell us what your actual site URL is.

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