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Site Has Unique Most Content (Lost Traffic a day from 700 visitors to 100 only)

I've read the FAQs and searched the help center. 
My URL is: http://goo.gl/c1S2fV

My site has unique content so much so that it received backlink from .ca gov, reputed public organization, facebook shares, share by email, bookmarks etc

However, for past couple of months, stats of per day visitors have nosedived. From 700 visitors a day to only 100 and sometimes 80 visitors a day.

Site lost ranking for many high volume keywords. The page that used to rank on 2nd page is now at 7th page for its main keyword. Please check quality of content of the page here http://goo.gl/JbrkyS

Initially i thought it could be because of updates, such as panda and hummingbird.

Just today i stumbled upon google guidelines for developing "high quality site"


My answers to all those questions mentioned over there would be a big YES. And reason for that is, i first understand a term myself and then write about it.

"One other specific piece of guidance we've offered is that low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings"

Keeping above quoted line in mind, now please check this http://goo.gl/40sYYJ

Is that something responsible for lost traffic?
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Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark
I would guess because it is a very low quality site overall. Nobody is going to want this in their search results. The links you do have are also all spam so that could be a factor. Sorry to say mate but it might be time to start over and do the complete opposite of everything you've done.
Ryan Clark: This is laughable assessment. Do you think people (expert in medical field) would link back to low quality information?

Further, have a habit to come up with backing for your opinion, so that you can get your point across. It is hard to understand which factor(s) you kept in mind.
Theresa S
Theresa S
Your opening sentence contains grammatical errors... something that would never happen on a proper medical site:

"Task of buying or selling has been much easier with deployment of internet in daily activities. Many people are replacing their visit to the physical pharmacy with online pharmacy. Online pharmacy is the great solution for people who already knows the medicine they want to buy. Buying drugs online is quite time saving specially when the needed drug is not available at drug store. According to consumer report buyers can save 29% by buying drugs from internet"

Empty pages, incomplete information, weird text ("go store", "no store assign") - looks like a pharma affiliate site. Google has cracked down on them, sorry. And I don't see any links from gov sites.
Theresa: thanks for your view. yes, site is pharma affiliate. I initially started it as just wordpress site and kept posting information. Then decided to cash in on traffic the site received.

Yes, i also noticed many grammatical errors and have already started proof reading (e.g. word "deployment" is quite awkward). Contents (main page and few medicine information) have been written by SEO company, and i paid little heed to it as i was more focused on category page information e.g. allergy medicine.

gov link is not appearing in webmaster account either. But i see link when i visit that page.

"low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site’s rankings"

So, i guess above line is the reason.
Corruption Private
Corruption Private
File naming indicates keyword stuffing, and most of the backlinks are from blogs. Your own one was the first I noticed. Penguin is going after them.
Original Poster
Gary Illyes: thanks, you restored my faith in this forum.

I've been doing SEO for 8 years. And this is the first time my site (or site i optimized) is having issues.

Yes. Site might have caught in latest penguin update.

Thanks to Ryan Clark (i hope you did not mind my comment), Theresa, Corruption Private.

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