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Mobile Sitemap with different URL and User Agent Redirect

we have a website with serve different URL for desktop and mobile, based on user agent.

We have pages like
which are redirect, based on user agent detection, to

We have a robots.txt which will specify two different sitemap, but we do not have implement any user agent specific block. 

We have prepared three sitemap:
1. regular desktop sitemap (all url for desktop website)
2. all url for mobile, with the same schema definition (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
3. all url form mobile, with specific mobile schema definition (<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
Results are the following

1. sitemap desktop is fully indexed
2. sitemap mobile with regular schema NOT INDEXED
3. sitemap mobile with mobile schema NOT INDEXED

We have not reported any problem in sitemap parsing from google, just the mobile url are not indexed.

Please, do you have any idea how to implement correctly this situation and why mobile url are not indexed?

Thank you


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It's not the sitemap that determines how or even if a site or a portion of it is indexed.

It's the site itself: content quality,  navigation and server response under different user agents.

We cannot help you without your specific urls.

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Hi Webado
samples ursl and user agent checking and redirection can be tested using the following

desktop url

mobile url 

the mobile URL is not indexed, the desktop URL has been correctly indexed.

Thank you
If I access that url from my desktop I get 302 redirected to  http://www.euronics.it/informati/

If I access it through http://urivalet.com/?http://www.euronics.it/acquistaonline/mobile/informati/index.jsp#Report   (with a mobile user agent) it responds with 200 and  I can see the markup. 

Running the  through the w3 validator it responds with a 404.

Running just the markup as direct inoput to the w3 validtor thre are 165 errors reported.

That particular mobile page is missing the </head> and the <body> tags.
It's also missing a title and a description meta tag.

But this tool (with a mobile user agent) gets a 200:

It's a right mess, with all the user agent sniffing and the broken markup.

It's impossible to figure out what's going on.

Can I ask why you opted for such url structure for the mobile version? 
Usually you would have a subdomain m on your domain and that will be the mobile site.  

Or, better all around, you would preserve the same urls for desktop and mobile but use a responsive design.

Here is some information:

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Hi Webado,

thank you for your time.

We have inherited this development and we just got aboard on this project.
As matter of fact I have just discovered the same thing about markup, but you are absolutely right. It is a mess.
Responsive design, according to the tech team, was not possible. 
They come out with this 'solution'. I'm trying to understand what we can do in order to get this indexed.

Thank you for your response and we look forward to have the markup cleaned. Then we see if things get better.


I hope you get it figured out.

You have your job cut out for you, that's for sure.
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