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Mariya M

Jobs feature on Search: FAQ

Have a look before you post -- maybe the answer to your question is already here!
If not, kick off a new thread in the Structured Data section. 

Q: Why aren’t my jobs appearing in this feature?

As with any other structured markup feature in Search, having markup doesn’t guarantee appearing in the Search results. To debug any issues that are related to the markup implementation go through the following:

  1. Validate the markup in the Structured Data Testing Tool.

  2. Check that your sitemap has been crawled and does not contain any errors. Sitemaps need to be accurate and correct in order to be processed.

  3. Go through your Rich Card Report in Search Console to check if there are any potential issues with your markup.

Q: How do I check how many jobs are indexed?

Use the Rich Cards Report within Search Console.

Q: Should we put the markup on the canonical or mobile page?

Markup should be placed on all pages and not just the canonical link.

Q: Can we include markup on our job listing pages?
Yes, you can include markup on a listing page, as long as all individual jobs on that page are marked up with JobPosting markup.

Q: Can we include listing pages on our sitemap?
We highly recommend that only job leaf pages are included in the sitemap. If there are job listing pages in your sitemap, please ensure that there is no job postings markup included on these pages.

Q: What does the ISO 8601 format look like for the <lastmod> tag in the sitemap?

The format for date times must follow the following convention:




Q: Can we append our URLs with a tag or special attribution parameters?
No. Only canonical links should be provided.

Q: Can two markup formats (e.g. JSON and Microdata) be used simultaneously on the same page?

Although both formats are equally accepted, we prefer that only one format is used within each page to prevent any conflicting information between markup blocks. That being said, our team does prefer that the markup is implemented in JSON.

Q: Should we simply remove a sitemap from a sitemap index file as soon as there are no valid job posting URLs available?

It is best that initially we are provided an empty sitemap file prior to removing references to the sitemap from your sitemap index file. This way, once we receive the next ping of your sitemap index we are able to properly detect markup removals for job posting pages. Once this has been done, the empty sitemap file can be removed from the index the following day.

Q: I received a manual action notification after adding job posting markup, what could be the cause?
This means the way the markup is implemented violates one or more of Google's quality guidelines. 
For example, if the title of a job listing and the description of a listing are not related, this could misguide applicants into viewing or applying for an irrelevant job, and is in violation of the guidelines. 
Go through the content policies and the general quality guidelines and make sure you fix any issues. Once you're confident the markup on your pages is within the guidelines, apply for a reconsideration. 
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baseSalary only supports HOUR/WEEK/MONTH/YEAR but not DAY, but employmentType supports things like CONTRACTOR and PER_DIEM. How would you recommend marking up a job paying a day rate?
David Brenner CZ
17. 7. 12.
David Brenner CZ
Hello, I can see this feature in US SERPs but when I try to find it in European, I can´t. Is there some delay between US and European Roll-out of this feature? I´m Especially interested in Czech search results. So is there some estimated term when this kind of results start to apear in my country too?
Google 사용자
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Google 사용자
Q: Can we include markup on our job listing pages?
Yes, you can include markup on a listing page, as long as all individual jobs on that page are marked up with JobPosting markup.

This advice is against the guidelines that are provide on this page where it states: "Don’t add structured data to listing pages (pages that show a list of jobs)."

Can you confirm which is the best practice?
random name 111
17. 7. 15.
random name 111
Yes exactly! https://developers.google.com/search/docs/data-types/job-postings#guidelines
I'd like to know too as I've just spent one working to remove structured data from search redult pages after reading the above guide!
nabil sarwar
17. 7. 16.
nabil sarwar
hi im nabil sarwar
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Mariya M
[edit: responding to everyone in one post]

Thanks everyone for the questions 

1. How to mark up a job paying a day rate?
Could you share an example URL we can use to illustrate the discussion? 
(You can use an URL shortener if you don't want to post the full URL.)

2. Is this feature available in Europe? 
The feature is only available in the US right now. As it expands to new countries, we'll make sure to post updates so everyone is up to speed. 
Keep an eye on our blog

3. What to do with listings pages? 
Good catch on that one! We generally discourage markup on listings pages, but if you absolutely must do it, make sure that each individual posting is marked up. 

Hope this helps! 
Keep the questions coming (-: 

TEC Equipment
17. 7. 22.
TEC Equipment
This is perhaps outside of the scope of this post, but I'm curious about the way the Jobs function is pulling it's data. We have jobs showing up from various 3rd party sites on the search, and we're (or rather my HR VP is) trying to get our logo to show up. We're fairly consistent with our naming and logo across all channels, and sites like linkedin have our logo and our site has the markup for logo displaying it correctly, but it doesn't show up on the job searches. Any insight into this? 
Google 사용자
17. 7. 25.
Google 사용자
 Our product gives provides widgets to the customer career sites, for the ads they have created. At present we expose a JSONP service for listing jobs posted using our app in customer sites. Since the jobs are in customer site, and we just provide widgets, we can't really submit the sitemap ( due to the security limitations that sitemaps should be from the same domain).  We can include the markup but is there an alternative method to  inform google jobs that postings have changed, every time the customer makes a change.
17. 7. 31.
HI @Mariya

Just for the sake of clarity - regarding "remove a sitemap from a sitemap index file as soon as there are no valid job posting URLs available" - is this the correct process?

Lets assume search console has one original sitemap

1. Delete original sitemap from search console
2. Upload a blank sitemap
3. after 1 day - upload new sitemap (without expired job)

Just trying to bed down this process.

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I am not sure if it is because of any company-wide firewall. But the job site is throwing an error. When i click on upload resume, It is trying to access google drive, instead of giving me an option if i want to use google drive or upload from my computer and the google drive is blocked at my workplace. 
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