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Site in google sandbox

I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
My site's URL is: http://BounceHousesNow.com
Description (including timeline of any changes made):
We underwent a complete site redesign and software upgrade in November. Prior to this upgrade, we were ranking very well with generic terms such as "bounce house". Since the redesign and software upgrade, we can not be found with these terms we were once successful with. I have read that sites that are new often go to the sandbox but have not read much about redesigns? Is it possible that this is what I am experiencing? Over the past 3 months, we have continued improving our seo with content. Is the constant change hurting us even more? The bottom line is we are trying to improve our site, should we take a slower approach which might be better for google but fall short of where we want the site to be?
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When they redisigned was content moved from one URL to another without the use of a 301 redirect?

"Sandbox" usually means that a webmaster really screwed things up. :)
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The site was never actually down. The redesign was layout related and occurred on a different url. Once it was ready, the files were uploaded.
I'm not sure if sandbox is the correct term for what we are experiencing. It is just odd that the site ranked very high prior to the changes. Any thoughts?


Your spammy text was mentioned the last time you posted -


More spam words does not equal more relevance.

Eg - but dotted around the site -

Bounce Houses - bounce house online resource. BounceHousesNow.com offers the largest selection of bounce houses for sale online. BounceHousesNow.com specializes in bounce house products,bounce houses, bounce house accessories, inflatable slides, inflatable games, water slides, inflatable water slides, and inflatable obstacle courses. BounceHousesNow.com is an authorized dealer for Blast Zone Bounce Houses, KidWise Bounce Houses, Island Hopper Bounce Houses, Ninja Jump Bounce Houses, Magic Jump Bounce Houses, Blast Zone Water Slides, KidWise Water Slides, Ninja Jump Inflatable Slides, Magic Jump Obstacle Courses, Ninja Jump Toddler Inflatables, Ninja Jump Water Slides, Magic Jump Water Slides, and B Air Blowers. BounceHousesNow.com is your complete source for, bounce houses, bounce house accessories, Inflatable slides, water slides, inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable games, residential bounce houses, commercial bounce houses, inflatable business, bouncer slide combos, BounceHousesNow.com Coupons on tjoos.com, discount bounce houses for sale. Contact us at 866-333-7137.


The the location of the content as in URLs never changed, just the layout?

I will look at the site now...
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This was recently updated this way. Are you suggesting to remove altogether or to make it more of a mission statement that is more readable?

Look at your site & have a read of this seo pdf by google -


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Thank you. We have removed the footer text all together. This was obviously poor advice from someone we were under the impression had more knowledge. Reading the guide, it does not specify that anything in regards to the anchor text we have on our home page.
Popular Searches:
Bounce House
Bounce Houses
Inflatable Bouncer
Moon Bounce
Moonwalk Jumper
Castle Jump Water Slide
Water Park
Inflatable Water Slide
Inflatable Slide
Obstacle Course
Toddler Bouncer Blast Zone Inflatable
Blast Zone Bounce House
Blast Zone Water Slide
KidWise Bounce House
KidWise Water Slide
Island Hopper Bouncer Ninja Jump Inflatable
Ninja Jump Bounce House
Ninja Jump Slide
Ninja Jump Water Slide
Magic Jump Inflatable
Magic Jump Bounce
Is this considered spaming as well? We are really trying to do our site correctly but there is as much if not more bad information out there as good.
Now that we removed the previous text you mentioned from the site, does google pick this up on a crawl and realize there is no spam anymore? How does that work.
I don't know but you have broken a major rule of marketing 2010, 1.) do not tell anyone to do anything NOW! :)

Your domain URL might have been a bad choice?

Look how simple the theme of the #1 site for "buy bounce houses" is: http://www.bouncelandfun.com/ :)

BTW, HUGE competition in that area!
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