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Changing the google crawl rate - impact?

I have read the FAQs and checked for similar issues: YES
Does changing the crawl rate, to make it faster, cause a delay in google crawling again? I noticed that after I increased the crawl rate there have been no pages crawled for at least a few days (based on the webmaster tools to view crawl access) and it had been hitting mostly every day prior for 1-2 weeks.
Any other negative impact to increasing the crawl rate? godaddy is hosting my site. Should I move it back down again? I just figured it may speed up the process some.
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Generally, it is neither necessary nor desireable to interfer with the google crawl rate.  Google has it's quite sophisticated methods of deciding the crawl rate for each individual site and based on many factors, some of which are not only outside your control but also ones that the vast majority of webmasters would not know about.

Adjusting the crawl rate is something that you should only consider doing as a temporary measure, to rectify a particular situation such as you have just made major structural and/or content changes to a large and complex site.

You should never increase the crawl rate in the hope of getting the same pages crawled more often, especially if the changes that googlebot then finds are not very major.

The symptoms that you describe suggest to me that google may have decided that the original rate was already appropriate, but gave you let's say 3 days-worth of crawling on one day followed by two days of inactivity.  That just my speculation - I don't have any inside knowedge on this!

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Thank you for the follow up. Based on this, I am thinking I should return it to the lower crawl rate again. Or do you think it better to not change it at this point? I did not move it all the way up -- about 70% of the way up the scale.
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