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If a Google search includes results from a site that you own in Search Console, you might see a card showing a summary of your site's performance on Google Search. This card appears only if you own the site in Search Console, and you are signed in with that Google account when searching.

The card shows a summary of your recent clicks, impressions (views), and average position for this site in Google Search results.

This card appears only to users who have owner or full user permission for this site in Search Console. This card won't appear to anyone else in Google Search.


Example of Search Console in Search results

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Show or hide the summary card

You can control whether this card appears to site owners in Google Search.

From within the card

To  adjust the card's visibility settings from within search results:

  1. When the card appears in search results, click the settings menu More settings icon
  2. Click either Don't show for this site or Don't show for any of my sites to indicate whether you want to stop Google from showing the card only for this site or for all your sites.

From within Search Console

You can adjust the card's visibility settings from within Search Console.

To show or hide the summary card for a single property:

  1. Open the settings page for Search Console in Search (or click User settings icon(User settings) > Search Console in search results).
  2. Select Show or Don't Show in the status beside a property to control the appearance of a card for that specific property. If Enable this feature is unchecked, you will need to check it to be able to manage settings for individual sites.

To show or hide the summary card for all your properties at once:

  1. Open the settings page for Search Console in Search.
  2. Deselect Enable this feature to disable the summary card for all the sites listed in the table.
  3. If you later re-select Enable this feature, the last setting for each site will be restored in the table.
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