Message panel

Read your Search Console messages for the current property in the message panel. All messages sent to you by email are available in the message panel.

Read messages

Open the message panel by clicking the bell icon  at the top of Search Console.

If a number is shown on top of the message icon, it indicates the number of unread messages. A number will only be shown when a new message arrives, and will disappear after you open the panel.

Click a message in the panel to view it.

Message history and visibility

Messages are stored in a property's message history only when the property has a verified owner. The message history includes all messages sent to the property during this time, even if you did not yet have any permissions on this property.

A message is only visible to you if you have the proper permission level for that message.


Reading older messages

The message panel shows messages only from May 23, 2019 onward. Messages sent before that date can be viewed only in your personal email or in the legacy message list.

Mark as read/unread

Reading a message in the message page will mark it as read. You can change the read/unread status for single messages or multiple messages as described here:

Single messages

Mark an open message as unread using the mail icon  at the top of the message, or by using the bulk action checkbox in message list view.

Marking multiple messages as read or unread

Select one or more messages in the message list view, then choose a status (read or unread) to assign all selected messages.

Filter messages

Filter messages by type using the dropdown selection box above the list. Choose a message type to filter by, or select "All types" to see all your messages.

Set message preferences

You can set your messaging preferences in the Email Preferences page.

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