Remove a property

Owners can remove a property from their own list, or from the list of any non-owner.

Users can remove a property from their own list.

Removing a property has the following effects:

  • You will no longer receive notifications for the removed property.
  • If other verified property owners remain, the only effect is to remove the property from your list; other users will not be affected.
  • You will not be able to see any information about the property or access the property settings.
  • Your message history for the property will be retained.
  • If you are the last verified owner of a property, all users or delegated owners of the property will lose access to the property in Search Console.

Remove a property from your own list

You can either mute or permanently remove a property from your account. Both actions will have the effects listed at the top of this page.

To mute a property (owners or users)

If you mute a property, you can re-add the property yourself, and verification will automatically succeed at your previous access level (as long as at least one verified owner remains for the property).

  1. To mute a property, open the property settings page of that property and click Remove property.

To permanently remove a property (owners only)

Permanent removal is an option only if you are a verified owner. If you permanently remove a property, you will need to re-verify ownership (or be added by someone else) if you want access to the property again.

  1. Remove the access token you used to verify ownership. So, for example, if you used HTML tag verification, you must remove your tag from the site homepage; if you used domain verification, you must remove your TXT verification entry from the domain host. Be sure to remove only your own token; removing someone else's token will remove their access.
  2. In the Settings page, click Remove property.

Remove a property from someone else's account

Removing a property from someone else's account has the following rules and effects:

  • A verified owner can remove access for any delegated owner or user.
  • A delegated owner can remove access for any non-owner.
  • Removing a property from someone else's account deletes their access to the property.
  • In order to regain access, the removed user must be re-granted access by an owner, or else verify themselves as described in Verification.
  • The removed user's verification history for the property will be deleted after 18 months.

To remove a property from someone else's account:

  • If they are an owner: Follow the appropriate instructions for removing owners, depending on whether they're a verified or delegated owner.
  • If they are not an owner: Follow the instructions for removing users.

Re-add a removed property

If your property was only muted, you can re-add it to your list without verification (as long as the property still has at least one verified owner).

If you were a verified owner and you permanently removed it, you must add a property in the normal manner.



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