No page information in search results

If a Google search result says that no information is available for a page, like this:

Search result with missing snippet: No information is available for this page

It means that the website prevented Google from creating a page description, but didn't actually hide the page from Google.

If you own this page you can improve this result either by letting Google read the page to create a good description, or by hiding the page entirely from Google Search results. Read below to learn how.

How to fix it

This isn't my page

The page owner partially blocked this page from Google, so we couldn't create a good page description. Unfortunately there's nothing that Google can do about this.
If you know the site owners, tell them they are blocking Google with a robots.txt file, which prevents Google from creating a page snippet.

This is my page

You are seeing this result because the page is blocked by a robots.txt file on your website. (robots.txt tells Google not to read your page). This tells Google not to read the page (which is how we generate a description), but it doesn't tell Google not to show the page in Search results. Therefore the best we can do is show the page, but without any description.

To fix this problem, either:

  • Let Google read your page and generate a page description
  • Remove the page entirely from Google Search results.

Let Google read your page

If you want a proper page description in Google Search, you must allow Google to read the page. Currently Google can't read the page because your site has a special file (called robots.txt) that tells us not to read the page. Here's how to fix this:

  • If you are using a website hosting service (for example, if your site is on Wix, Joomla, or Drupal), we can't provide exact guidance here because every site hosting provider has different ways to unblock a page. Please search your provider's documentation to learn how to unblock your page or site to Google. Suggested terms to search for: "robots.txt provider_name" or "unblock page to Google provider_name". Example search: robots.txt Wix
  • If you are managing your own site directly, learn more about robots.txt here. You must unblock your site or page to Googlebot.

Remove the page entirely from Google search results

Follow both of these steps to remove your page entirely from Google Search results:

  1. If you intended to hide your page entirely from Google Search results, choose one of these methods:
    • Remove the page from your site, or
    • Require a user login to access the page, or
    • Use "noindex" on your page. If using noindex, you must also remove the robots.txt rule that blocks the page to search engines. Sounds strange, but we need to be able to read the page in order to see your "noindex" instruction. Learn about robots.txt here.
  2. Remove the page immediately from Google Search results using the remove outdated content tool. This will remove any stored copies of the page from search results. Copy the URL from search results into the tool. If you do step 2 without step 1 the page can reappear in search.


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