Rich Results Test

Put structured data on your page to enable special features in Google Search results, then test it with the Rich Results test.

This is a beta version of the test. Not all rich result types or error types are supported yet. Results are not guaranteed to be accurate, or to guarantee appearance in search results. See the Limitations section below for details.



Run the test

Submit the full URL of the page to test. The page must be publicly accessible by an anonymous user in order to test it (it cannot require auth, or be robotted against Googlebot). If your page is behind a firewall or hosted on your local machine, you can still test it by exposing a tunnel.

Review the results

The test shows which rich result types were found on the page, as well as any errors in, or suggestions for, your structured data.

If there are errors or warnings, expand the individual item to see details, and click the description to open the code explorer in the corresponding location. The explorer uses the rendered source code.

See how your page might look in Google Search results

For some rich result types you can preview how the result might appear in Google Search. If your page is eligible for multiple Search result layouts, this tool will include selectors to let you view the different layouts, including layouts for desktop and mobile searches.

You can experiment with your page by changing the code and rerunning the test to generate new layouts. You can share the URL in your browser with other users to share your rendered results.

Depending on what the tool finds on the page, you can choose a result type to view and select a desktop or mobile version.

Google does not guarantee that your page will appear exactly as shown here, or that any of the views shown will be applied to your page result; Google tries to show the best result for a search request, based on the user's search history, location, and many other variables.

More structured data resources

Here are some more resources about structured data and Google Search result features:


Supported rich result types

This test currently supports only the following rich result types:

Unreported type errors

  • This tool does not currently show syntax errors
  • Various other errors (hey, it's beta)
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