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Group properties into sets

You can group up to 200 properties into a single aggregate property called a property set. A property set can contain properties of any other type (web pages or apps) except other sets. A property set shows aggregate data for all its member properties. A property set appears in the list of properties for your account.

Basic rules about property sets:

  • You cannot add a set as a member to another set, but you can add any other type of verified property.
  • You can add only verified properties from your account to a set.
  • You must be a verified restricted user (or greater) on all set members in order to access the set.
  • If you later lose access to, or verification for, any property in a set, the entire set will become unverified and inaccessible to you. However, data will continue to be collected for the set, and you will be able to see data again as soon as you regain access (or reverify) all set members.
  • A set can have only one owner and no users; you cannot share a set with others.
  • Sets support some, but not all of, the reports and tools available to other property types.
  • Set data is viewable in aggregate only; when viewing impression data for a set that contains properties X, Y, and Z, you are shown the total impressions for X + Y + Z. To see the total impressions for X alone, you must switch to property X in Search Console.
Create a property set

When creating a new property set, remember the following rules:

  • You must be at least a verified restricted user for all member properties in the set.
  • There is a limit of 200 properties in a set.
  • See other rules at the beginning of this article.

To create a new property set:

  1. In the Search Console home page, click Create a set.
  2. Optionally modify the name of the new set.
  3. Add members to your set from existing verified properties in your account.
  4. Click Save to save your new set. Clicking Cancel will not prevent the set from being created; to delete the set you must go back to the home page and delete the set from your property list.

It will take a few days to start seeing data for your new set, even if you already have data for all the member properties.

Edit a property set

To add or remove set members, change the name, or other attributes of a set:

  1. Find the set in the Search Console home page.
  2. Select Manage set > Edit set.

You can also get to the Edit set page by clicking the settings gear   when viewing the set.

If you add or remove a member from a property set, data for this member will not be added or removed from the historical data.

Delete a property set

To delete a set

  1.  Find the set in the Search Console home page.
  2. Select Manage set > Delete set.
Data collection ends for a set as soon as you delete it, and you will not be able to access the previous data again.


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