Associate your app with a website

You should associate your verified app with a website. If an app is associated with a website, Google will automatically try to index and crawl your app by inferring the app structure from the website structure, and the website can get a ranking boost in Google Search results.

Associate your app

We also recommend explicitly mapping your app pages to equivalent web pages. When Google finds corresponding pages on the website and the app, either by inferred crawling or explicit mapping, it will compare the content. If the content is different, it will consider this a content mismatch error, and not link to the mismatched app page in search results.


More details about association

Association between an app and a website (called affiliation in Google Play) verifies to Google that there is a relationship between an app and a website. Association has several benefits:

  • Associated apps get some free HTTP URL mapping. If you associate your app with a website, Google will try to index your app automatically, based on the structure of the associated website, if the app supports HTTP intents.
  • Even if the app has not explicitly mapped app pages to web pages, a mobile search result for a website with an associated app can link to the default view for that app.

Opting out of these benefits

You can opt your app out of these benefits while remaining associated with a website using a noindex.xml file in your app.

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