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Is your mobile app appearing on Google Search?

You can configure your mobile app to be crawled and indexed by Google, just like a website. Properly configured apps appear as links in Google Search results, letting users get to your native mobile experience quickly, and landing exactly on the right content within your app. Pages that implement app indexing correctly also appear more prominently in mobile search results. Use this information to improve your app’s performance in Google Search results and increase user awareness of your app.

An Android app must be published on Google Play in order to add it to Search Console.

1. Add and verify your app

Add your Android app as a new property to Search Console by clicking Add a property on the Search Console home page. More details.

Add your app

2. When your app is verified

  1. Support HTTP URL intents in your app to enable routing search clicks from a mobile device into your app.
  2. Test how Google renders your application's pages. You’ll want to test that Google can render your app pages.
  3. Associate your app with a website. When your app is associated with a related website, Google Search will show your application page instead of the equivalent webpage in mobile searches. Someone with owner rights to the website in the Search Console must approve the request.
  4. Tell Google which pages to index. Your app pages must be indexed before Google can start showing them in search results.
  5. Handle any crawl errors that occurred. Google will try indexing and crawling your app within a few days after you’ve properly set up your app for indexing. Periodically review the Crawl Status report to find out if everything is going well. Learn more.

3. Next steps

Most users only need to check in with Search Console monthly unless they get a notification of some problem.

In your monthly check-in:

  • Read the Search Analytics Report for your application to see which Google searches show your app. When your page is indexed and crawled, you can start to see how many users are finding or clicking your app through Google Search, what queries show your app, where they’re coming from, and much more.

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