Add and verify your Android app


In order to get data such as app indexing errors and search analytics, you must add your Android app property to your Google Search Console account, and verify that you own the app.

Add your Android app


There are two ways to verify an Android app:

  • If you have Google Play MANAGEMENT RIGHTS on the app AND you are logged in with that account in Search Console (where management rights mean permission to manage public APKs or public listings):
    Add a new property in Search Console for your app. Specify the app root URI using the format android-app://{package_name}/ with a trailing slash. Example: android-app://com.example/. Search Console will verify that your account is the same as the app owner's Google Play account, and automatically verify the app property in Search Console. Note: If your Search Console account is not the same as your Google Play account, you cannot use automatic verification.
  • Otherwise:
    Ask an owner of the verified app property on Search Console to add you as an owner or user of the app property.
It can take up to 48 hours to verify an Android app.

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