Control what you share with Google

There are a few reasons you might want to hide content from Google.

Keep your data secure

You might have private data hosted on your site that you want to keep other users from accessing. This is often the case for data such as site member contact information, which should be blocked from Google in order to prevent that member data from coming up in Google Search results.

Hide content of less value to your audience

Your website might have the same content in different places, which could negatively impact your page rankings in Google Search. A good example of where duplicate content can arise is a site-wide search function to help users navigate site content. Some search functions generate and display custom search results pages every time any user enters a query. Google can crawl all the custom search results pages individually if they are not blocked. As a result, Google sees a site with many similar pages and might categorize the duplicate content as spam, which could undermine page rankings in Google Search.

Cut out third-party content

Your website might share information generated by other third-party sources, which is available in other places on the web. Google sees less value in including your pages that include large amounts of duplicate content in Google Search results. You can block the copied content to improve what Google sees and boost your page rankings in Google Search.


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