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3.4 Make your site mobile-friendly

As you’re creating your website on a desktop computer, keep in mind that many of your visitors will be visiting your site from their mobile phones. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly—one that loads and displays correctly on a mobile device so visitors can have the best user experience.

Use these resources to ensure your site is mobile-friendly:

  • Take the Mobile-Friendly Test to see if pages on your site are already mobile-friendly.
  • If you’re using a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or a platform offered by your hosting provider to build your site with themes, designs and templates, see if the software or platform is listed in our Customize Your Software tutorials. Each tutorial has step-by-step instructions on making your website themes and templates mobile-friendly.
  • Check the Mobile Usability report in Search Console and fix potential mobile issues we found on your site.
  • Read our Webmasters Mobile Guide, a comprehensive resource for creating and improving your mobile-friendly site. For example, the Mobile SEO section covers the 3 types of configurations for building mobile sites and common mobile mistakes, such as showing visitors unplayable content that involves Flash.

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