Add mobile URL information to a Sitemap

A Mobile Sitemap uses the Sitemap protocol, along with a specific tag and an additional namespace requirement. Note that the Mobile Sitemap format is changing. We recommend that you update your Mobile Sitemaps to the format below as soon as you can.

A sample Mobile Sitemap containing listing a single entry is shown below.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
 <urlset xmlns=""

Please note:

  • If you plan to use a Sitemap creation tool, you should check to see that it can create Mobile Sitemaps.
  • A Mobile Sitemap can contain only URLs that serve mobile web content. Any URLs that serve only non-mobile web content will be ignored by the Google crawling mechanisms. If you have non-mobile content, create a separate Sitemap for those URLs.
  • If the <mobile:mobile/> tag is missing, your mobile URLs won't be properly crawled.
  • URLs serving multiple markup languages can be listed in a single Sitemap.
  • Each Mobile Sitemap must have a unique name.
  • If you use our Sitemap Generator to create your Mobile Sitemaps, you'll need to create a separate config file for each Mobile Sitemap.

Sitemaps currently supports and automatically detects the following markup languages:

Once you have created your Sitemap, submit it to Google just like a regular Sitemap.

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