Add missing data

If pages in your page set are missing data, such as the year for an event, you can specify a default value. Data Highlighter will use the default value for all pages that are missing the data and that contain at least some other data. The value that you specify will display under My Data Items when you are tagging pages, and will be made available to Google products as if your pages contained the missing data.

For any pages that do contain the data, Data Highlighter will use the data from the page instead of the default value.

Remember that the default value you specify will be used on all pages in the page set that are missing data. If you specify a year for events, make sure that all pages in the page set either list events for the specified year or override the year by specifying their own date.

You can add, change, or delete default data while you are creating a page set or after creating a page set. Any changes you make after creating a page set will appear the next time Google crawls your site.

Add, change, or delete default data:

  1. View the Tagger page:
    While creating a page set The Tagger page displays after you specify a starting page. See Specify and tag a starting page.
    After creating a page set
    1. On the Search Console home page, click the site.
    2. On the Dashboard, click Search Appearance.
    3. Click Data Highlighter.
    4. Click the name of a page set.
    5. For page sets with mutiple pages, click the pencil icon.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Set default data.
  3. Do any of the following:
    • Add a value by selecting a property from the list and typing in the text box. For example, select Category and type Irish Traditional Music.
    • Delete existing data by clicking the X in a text box.
    • Edit existing data by changing the value in the text box.
  4. Click Done.


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