Hacked site

If you see this message on the Manual Actions or Security Issues page in Search Console, it means that Google has detected pages that appear to have been hacked by a third party. Often a hacker will upload files or modify existing files, which then appear as spam in our index. In many cases, this malicious content is hidden through a process called cloaking.

To protect users, your site's pages may be labeled as compromised or may not rank as highly in our search results.

Recommended action

For a comprehensive list of what you can do if your site was compromised, please refer to http://www.google.com/webmasters/hacked.

Once you’re sure your site is no longer compromised, request reconsideration of your site. After you’ve submitted a reconsideration request, be patient and watch for a message in your Search Console account — we’ll let you know when we’ve reviewed your site. If we determine your site no longer contains problematic content, we’ll remove the compromised warning from our search results.

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