Troubleshoot common sitemap issues

Find why your sitemap is not listed

If a sitemap isn't appearing on the Sitemaps page, check that you have correctly configured the following items:

  • Preferred domain. To Google,,,, and are all different sites. Thus, sitemaps you’ve submitted for the site won't be visible in the Sitemaps page of Search Console for To address this issue, make sure you've added all versions of your site then, tell Google your preferred domain and only submit sitemaps for the preferred one.
  • Sitemap owner. Was your sitemap submitted by someone else? Sitemaps you’ve submitted are visible on the By me tab of the Sitemaps page. If the sitemap you're looking for isn't visible, click the All tab.
  • Search Console sitemap submission. Was your sitemap submitted using ping or robots.txt? Only sitemaps submitted using Search Console are listed on the Sitemaps page. To make sure your sitemap information is visible, it's a good idea to use Search Console to submit your sitemap for the first time, and then use ping or robots.txt to update it. Learn more about how to submit a sitemap to Google.
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