Troubleshoot common sitemap issues

Diagnose problems submitting a sitemap

When you run into problems with your sitemap, the first step is to check your Sitemap Details to see if Google found any problems or potential issues with your sitemap or the URLs listed within it. Learn more about the steps involved by reading our article on managing sitemaps with the Sitemaps page.

You can also test your sitemap with the main Sitemaps tool to see if Google can reach and process your sitemap correctly. You can run a test from your sitemap's Sitemap Details page, or alternatively the Add/Test Sitemap button on the main Sitemaps page. Sitemaps take some time to process, so this process might not reveal all errors immediately. You should always check back later to see if Google could parse your file correctly.

You can find additional information about your crawl issues using other parts of Search Console:

  • Check that the URLs in your sitemap include the URL of your site exactly as it appears in your Search Console account.

    For example, if you add the site to Search Console, don't list site URLs in this format: Instead, use the full URL, such as If you have multiple variations of your site verified, such as and, you should only submit URLs from your preferred version in your sitemap.
  • Check Crawl Errors in Search Console to identify any issues Google web crawlers experienced crawling your site.
  • You can use the robots.txt Tester in Search Console to easily check that your robots.txt is not blocking Google web crawlers from necessary pages on your site.

After you review your sitemap and make the necessary changes, you can save and resubmit it. You should know that it can take some time for Google to process a resubmitted sitemap—the pending status is displayed until that time.

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