Structured data testing tool

The structured data testing tool lets you check your markup and make sure that Google can extract the structured data from your page. This tool will display the markup found on a specific web page, as well as a preview of how that page might appear in Google search results. You can also see examples of extracted markup for specific information types. If you've created rich snippets for a Google custom search engine, you can also use this tool to preview the results.

Test your markup:

  1. Go to the structured data testing tool.
  2. If your page is already live on the web, enter its URL in the top box and then click Preview.

    If you haven't yet published your page, paste your HTML into the second box and then click Preview.

This tool is still a work in progress, so there are a few points to note:

  • The tool interface is currently available in English only. The tool will correctly test markup in other languages; however, the results will not look like they will look in an actual non-English search results page.
  • The tool will only display extracted information that is officially supported for rich snippets. Supported RDFa attributes are xmlns, typeof, property, rel, and content.

"Insufficient data to generate preview"

In general, the goal of rich snippets is to display the most relevant content on the page to users. If you see an "insufficient data to generate preview" message, it is generally for one of two reasons:

  • The marked-up content doesn't appear to be the main subject of the page. This can happen if the marked-up content is very low down on the page, is found in boilerplate elements such as headers, footers, and navigation, or is included in a hidden HTML element.
  • The marked-up content is missing important tags. For example, a Person item must include organization, location, or role, as well as name.

Even if the testing tool shows that your markup is present and correct, it may take some time for rich snippets to appear in Google search results. This is normal.

This is an early release of the testing tool, and feedback is welcome. Please submit feedback or bugs on the Webmaster Tools forum