Request a malware review

Once you're certain your site is free of malware, you can ask Google to review it.

Once you're sure your site is free from any infected code and content, you can request a malware review.


Request a malware review:

  1. On the Webmaster Tools Home page, select the site you want.
  2. Click Security Issues.
  3. Click Request a review.

The malware review is designed for sites that have previously been infected with malicious software. If your site hasn't been flagged as having malware, but has been removed from Google's index, or no longer performs as well as it did—perhaps because it violated the Webmaster Guidelines—you should file a reconsideration request instead. You can also use the form to request reconsideration of a site that has been identified in our search results with a "This site may be compromised" warning message. In both cases, you should make sure that your site now complies with the Webmaster Guidelines before submitting the request. However, if your site has been flagged as containing malware, filing a reconsideration request isn't enough. You must follow the process on this page to request a malware review.

Google's automatic systems will scan your website. If no malware is found, we'll remove the warning from your site. This may take a day or so to happen; you can check the status of your request in Webmaster Tools on the Malware page.

If you've cleaned your site, but the warning is still in place after a couple of days, you may not have found and removed all the problematic content on your site. (Our automatic scanners are far more accurate than humans, and they may discover code that you have missed.) Check Webmaster Tools for a list of URLs with potential problems—but remember that the list contains only a sample of problematic URLs.

Very rarely, it can take up to a day for malware warnings (and links to the malware review request form) to be visible in Webmaster Tools after your search has been flagged in search results. If you don't see a warning in Webmaster Tools, but your site is flagged, please check back later.