Author information not appearing in search results

Google will only show authorship in search results when we think it will be useful to the user. If your authorship information isn't appearing in search results, use the structured data testing tool to verify that Google can extract authorship information from your page. (This tool also presents other information that you may ignore for the purposes of verifying authorship markup.) If the tool shows that Google can correctly detect authorship information on your pages, check the following:

  • Profile picture Your Google+ profile picture should be a good, recognizable headshot.

  • Visible profile Make sure your Google+ profile is set to be visible in search. You can verify this setting by visiting, and making sure that the Profile discovery section is set to Profile visible in search. If it says Profile not visible in search, click the Profile discovery section and then check Help others discover my profile in search.

  • Newly updated content It may take some time for authorship information to appear in Google web search results. Wait a few days and then check again.

  • Email address If you signed up for authorship using a verified email address, check the following:
    • Is your email verified? Is there a check mark next to your email address on your Google+ profile?
    • Does the domain of your verified email address match the site you are writing for? For example, if you verified "", make sure that "" is in the Contributor to section of your Google profile. Also, make sure that the Contributor to section is viewable by the public.
    • Does your article include a byline with your name? The byline should read "By <name>". <name> should match the first and last name on your Google Profile.

  • On-page markup If you added rel="author" links to your content, check the following:
    • Hidden markup Make sure that your rel="author" link is not invisible to humans using techniques like display:none or CSS. Broadly speaking, Google won’t display any information that cannot be viewed by humans.
    • Profile links To verify authorship, there must be a rel="author" link on the content page, and this link must point to your Google profile page. Your Google profile should have a link to the domain of this site in the Contributor to section, and this section should be public.

  • noindex If you've added the meta noindex or rel="noindex" tag to a page, Google won't be able to display authorship information for that page. In addition, if you're using rel="author" in conjunction with an on-site profile page, Google won't be able to display authorship information if that profile page contains the meta noindex tag. More information about meta tags that can block access to your site.

If you have any further questions, please visit the Webmaster Central forum. Although we won’t be able to individually reply to your message, we may use the information you supply to improve our detection and display of information in search results.