Google Analytics and Search Console

Search Console data may differ from the data displayed in other tools, such as Google Analytics. Possible reasons for this include:

  • Search Console does some additional data processing—for example, to handle duplicate content and visits from robots—that may cause your stats to differ from stats listed in other sources.
  • Some tools, such as Google Analytics, track traffic only from users who have enabled JavaScript in their browser.
  • Google Analytics tracks visits only to pages which include the correctly configured Analytics Javascript code. If pages on the site don't have the code, Analytics will not track visits to those pages. Visits to pages without the Analytics tracking code will, however, be tracked in Search Console if users reach them via search results or if Google crawls or otherwise discovers them.
  • Some tools define "keywords" differently. For example:
    • The Keywords page in Search Console displays the most significant words Google found on your site.
    • The Keywords tool in Google Adwords displays the total number of user queries for that keyword across the web.
    • Analytics uses the term "keywords" to describe both search engine queries and AdWords paid keywords.
    • The Search Console Search Queries page lists shows the total number of keyword search queries in which your page's listing was seen in search results, and this is a smaller number. 
  • There may be a lag between when the numbers are calculated and when they are visible to webmasters—although data gets published in intervals, we are continually collecting it.

If you can no longer see a search query you saw recently on the Search Console Search Queries page, make sure you haven't filtered the results by country or type of search.

Search Console aggregates query information, and displays search queries once the count of each query reaches a certain threshold. Your logs may show a particular query as having a high rank for a certain day or period, but that query does not appear in on the Search Queries page. If the query continues to be a top referrer, however, it will move to the top of our aggregate results and will appear on the Search Queries page.

Also, Search Console stats show only search queries from Google. Your log files may combine search results from all search engines.

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