Using help and feedback in Search Console

It might sound obvious, but understanding how to find the help documents in the product and in this help center can really make your life easier.

Mastering the documentation

You can access help documentation in several different ways within the product:

  1. View the help documentation for any report by clicking the little help icon at the top of the page.Click the question mark indicator to open help for the page
  2. You can drag the embedded help page around, if it's in the way.The embedded help viewer is draggable
  3. You can open the embedded help page in a new browser tab if the embedded window is too small by clicking "Open in a new window" at the bottom of the help page.
    Click "Open in a new window" to open the help page in another window
  4. Look for learn more links in the product for help on a specific section.Use the learn more links
  5. Search directly within help. Search covers both help documentation and the community forum.
    Search in desktop helpSearch in mobile help


Why don't you use screenshots in the documentation?
Screenshots are really hard to maintain, for several reasons:
  • The text (and sometimes the layout) are different in each language. We'd have to take a separate screenshot for each language, and then crop, resize, add arrows, and so on for each language screenshot.
  • The product user interface changes often. We'd have to update the screenshot every time the product changes, because it's confusing when a screenshot doesn't match your report.
  • Should we use the mobile view or the desktop view? Or both?

So though we'd love to include screenshots in these docs (we really would), in most cases it's just not practical.

Help forum

You can find the email forum for Search Console (and website owners in general) in the help center. This is a community of new and expert users, with a searchable history going back many years.

Before asking a question, it's courteous to first search to see whether this question was answered either in the documentation, or in a previous mail thread. And always remember to be polite in any discussion thread.

To open the help forum, either:

  • Click the Community button at the top of the help center to open the forum.


  • Click the menu bar in the help center, then click Community

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Giving feedback

  • To provide feedback on Search Console (the product), click Submit Feedback in the navigation bar on any page.
  • To provide feedback on the help documentation (these docs), click either Give feedback about this article or one of the Was this helpful buttons at the end of any page. Don't use this path to provide feedback on the product; product feedback here won't reach the team.

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