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The Page Experience report provides a summary of the user experience of visitors to your site. Learn more about page experience on Google.

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About Page Experience

Page Experience is evaluated per-URL. The assessment, and the report, were developed to help sites create pages that provide a better user experience for their visitors.

Page experience in Google Search is reported in Search Console using the following criteria:

  • Core Web Vitals
    Core Web Vitals tests the speed, responsiveness, and stability of the page loading experience for users. The Core Web Vitals report provides a rating of Good, Needs improvement, or Poor to each page. A page must have a Core Web Vitals rating of Good in both CLS and LCP, and Good (or not enough data) in INP to qualify for Good page experience status. URLs without Core Web Vitals cannot appear in the Page Experience report. Open the Core Web Vitals report.
  • HTTPS usage
    A page must be served over HTTPS to be reported as "Good" status in Search Console. Open the HTTPS report.
If this is an HTTP URL-prefix site, the resource will be categorized as "Failing", and the HTTPS report will not be available for that resource. This is because a URL must be served over HTTPS to be considered eligible for "Good" status. If you have a corresponding Domain property or HTTPS URL-prefix property, check the Page Experience report on that other property instead. For example, don't use the Page Experience report for; instead, use it on or

Report coverage

In order for a URL to be counted in the report data:

  • The URL must have data in the Core Web Vitals report. (Exception: A URL without Core Web Vitals data might appear in Page Experience if the URL group for that URL appears in Core Web Vitals). Core Web Vitals also reports on actual URLs, not canonical URLs.
  • The URL must be indexed and have appeared in Google Search.

Missing data

If you see Your site doesn't have enough usage data instead of the Page Experience report, it means either that your property is new in Search Console, or that there is not enough data available in the CrUX report to provide meaningful information for the chosen device type (desktop or mobile). The CrUX database gathers information about URLs whether or not the URL is part of a Search Console property, but it can take a few days after a property is created to analyze and post any existing data from the CrUX database.

If you see No data for Core Web Vitals in the report, it means you don't have enough recent data for any URL on your site. Nothing for you to do here, just wait until enough user traffic accrues to generate data for the card.

If you see Not enough recent usage data for Core Web Vitals in the report, then you don't have enough recent CrUX data to generate Core Web Vitals information. CrUX data is generated by user visits. Nothing for you to do here, just wait until enough user traffic accrues to generate this report.

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