• Feed: A feed is a mechanism for a provider to submit entities to Google's Knowledge Graph. Each feed is registered to a single provider for a single vertical (for example, Watch Actions). A property can have at most one live feed. A provider cannot have two properties containing the same vertical. The feed source is currently limited to text files. You work with a Google representative to configure various aspects of your feed, such as the location of the files, the ingestion schedule, and more.  Learn more about feeds
  • Entity: An instance of a specific top-level item (for example, a Movie or a TV Show) described using language. Only top-level objects are called entities; that is, a Movie entity contains an optional Image object, but in Search Console only the Movie object is considered an entity, not the Image object.
  • Vertical: The category of entities described by a single feed. For example, Watch Action. Each catalog property contains entities in a single vertical.
  • Ingestion: Google's attempt to read and parse a feed, and push the results into the Knowledge Graph. The ingestion can succeed or fail, depending on many factors. Search Console identifies feed ingestions by the start time of the ingestion. An ingestion is sometimes called an epoch.
  • Catalog: All entities in a given vertical for a given provider that are present in the Knowledge Graph.
  • Provider: The organization that provides the feed. For example, Each provider has a Google-assigned ID that is used to configure the feed.
  • Google Knowledge Graph: Google's entity-based collection of known things in the world. Feed entities submitted by approved providers are used to supplement the inventory of the Knowledge Graph. Read more about the Knowledge Graph.
  • Matching issue: Matching issues occur when Google is unable to successfully match an entity in your feed to an entity in Google's Knowledge Graph

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