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How to link a standard Non-Google ad to display dynamic text values from a Google Sheets doc? I am trying to figure out the best way of pulling through a text dynamically from a Google Sheets do…
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GWD Ad validator giving incorrect readings? I've had a few publishers come back to me saying that our initial load size was drastically larger t…
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Stuck on Startup Screen using iMac Pro on Mojave I have tried updating the computer itself and the version of GWD. But nothing has worked so far. Ple…
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How do I add a div that I created in Code view into the Timeline in Design view I created a large text div in Code view and positioned it with CSS in Code view. When I go to Design…
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Why the HTML validator shows this message (template file): UNSUPPORTED_HTML5_FEATURE: gwd-parallax ? I've published the template Parallax Reveal Template provided on GWD and test it on HTML5 validator …
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"Font Name" in Element attribute - Dynamic Properties Hi, I was binding the dynamic creative I have just created and I noticed there is a "new" element at… Scaling Sitebar Hello. Im trying to achieve an Scaling Sitebar which Proportionally scales out of its position. Form…
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Set the Youtube Component Background to transparent Hello, Is there a way to set the Youtube Background to transparent? I'm creating and Scaling Sitebar…
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