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I want to create a secure login page for users, even if this is just a re-direction to a third-party Typing user login and secure login to the help centre
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Scaling Sitebar Hello. Im trying to achieve an Scaling Sitebar which Proportionally scales out of its position. Form…
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Set the Youtube Component Background to transparent Hello, Is there a way to set the Youtube Background to transparent? I'm creating and Scaling Sitebar…
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How can I implement a globe component to my Angularjs project in VSCode? I have found the earthengine notebook on the google cloud datalab but I am having trouble implementi…
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In some screen sizes (not resolution) the images look blurred. I've created different banners in different resolutions... I've done it from a 25" screen with a res… How Can I add this triangle in responsive layouts? How can I fit this triangle smoothly into every size. For example if I set rules for potrait 1 it do…
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I have created 9 pages to our website and in the last 2 pages I cannot get a link set up that retruns to the home page, only retruns to a blank page and I have to refresh the entire site to get back to the home page. I have set up approximately 25 links with no problem. I go through the process of "add event" just like all the other links. what am I doing incorrectly. I use Windows 10. Is there a limit of the number of links allowed? I have tried removing and recreating the link, I have tried to reduce links on other page to see if …
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Why in the help section does it say to export a responsive ad multiple times as multiple ad sizes. I work in the AdOps department of a large publisher. We are working to update our website to have IA…
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I need the dimensions to change as I hit break points The publish has a expandable banner ad that is 2000x200 - 800x400 - 450x900. so when the browser is …
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Is there a way to create a responsive AMPHTML? We are trying to create an AMPHTML with responsive layout, but it appears that responsive layouts ar…
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Feature Request: Multiple Simultaneous Design Views In designing responsive ads, one must constantly resize the viewport and/or change the current viewp…
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How to change banners page deck according to the size of the parent div I'm trying to create 2 page decks that detect the size of the parent div and swap between the decks … How can I continue building my site from where I stopped without losing my work.? Editor won't open. Google web designer won't allow me to continue building my website from where I left off. It says Fi…
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Viewport meta tag outputs above DFP iframe serving a GWD responsive ad? We are trying to create a fluid ad in Google Web Designer and then serve it through Doubleclick for …
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Generating backup images for responsive creatives To test trafficking responsive creatives in DCM, I created a responsive ad in GWD. I wonder if there…
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Do the media queries that gwd produces work with internet explorer? I have created breakpoints using gwd app. When browser width is below 768px the last frame of my ani… How do i make one specific breakpoint fluid? HI, i have created breakpoints and they work. However, i only which for the 700px and below breakpoi…
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