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Is there a way to create a responsive AMPHTML? We are trying to create an AMPHTML with responsive layout, but it appears that responsive layouts ar…
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Feature Request: Multiple Simultaneous Design Views In designing responsive ads, one must constantly resize the viewport and/or change the current viewp…
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How to change banners page deck according to the size of the parent div I'm trying to create 2 page decks that detect the size of the parent div and swap between the decks … How can I continue building my site from where I stopped without losing my work.? Editor won't open. Google web designer won't allow me to continue building my website from where I left off. It says Fi…
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Viewport meta tag outputs above DFP iframe serving a GWD responsive ad? We are trying to create a fluid ad in Google Web Designer and then serve it through Doubleclick for …
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Generating backup images for responsive creatives To test trafficking responsive creatives in DCM, I created a responsive ad in GWD. I wonder if there…
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Do the media queries that gwd produces work with internet explorer? I have created breakpoints using gwd app. When browser width is below 768px the last frame of my ani… How do i make one specific breakpoint fluid? HI, i have created breakpoints and they work. However, i only which for the 700px and below breakpoi… Mobile-Friendly test giving inconsistent results I have ran my site through the mobile-friendly test which fails as it is using the wrong CSS. I pres…
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Can you make an image scale/resize responsively? I'm trying to set up responsive ads that use a full image as the background. I want this to resize t…
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Why can I not use on a GOOGLE chromebook?? download on chromebook
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