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amphtml ad swipes through pages! I've made an AMPHTML sample in Google Web Designer which uses 3 pages. On mobile I discovered that I…
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can I integrate PHP MySQL with it I am a student trying to create his first small web application. I m good with backend(PHP MySQL) bu… How to put images right after another like a stop-motion ? Hi ! I'm a beginner in Google Web Designer, and I'd like to create an animation which looks like a s… What to do about "document.registerElement" deprecation warning I've noticed that some older projects and new ones I've started have begun to show the following war… Problem with text and clickable area Hi! I'm mad about a problem while making a banner. I have some texts with animation, and a clickable… Web Designer responsive add not working in DFP Our design dept made a responsive banner. It works in all browsers. But when we publish the banner a…
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we have created a dynamic ad, it is showing only one feed item instead of multiple images from feed We are trying to create a dynamic swipe gallery ad using Google Web Designer using XML feed. We are …
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No pages available with 'gotoandplay' event When I try to link another page with the 'gotoandplay' functionality, the only available page to lin…
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Hey All, In dynamic ad we set it to the autoplay option. But the products are not running smooth.... We have created Dynamic ad with XML file and set the "swipegallery" to "autoplay" option. But we see…
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Need help fixing Error Parsing JSON when uploading HTML5 ad One of my clients created several HTML5 ads using Google Web Designer, and delivered the ads to me t…
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The play button does not show the same thing as a preview Google Web Designer I have found some serious bugs in this. The play button doesn't show the same thing as preview. Elem…
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Problems with the font displaying in the banner in different browsers Hello everyone! I have a problem with the font displaying in Firefox browser in the banner which was…
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