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trying to import MP4, says "unsupported file format" but MP4 is supported. setting details? just getting started, have an MP4 file, trying to import, error: "unsupported component found" -- wh… TimeLine Loop Doesn't work Hi there! i post 3 times on this problem, but no answer in 3 months. I published a project other tha… Why can I not use on a GOOGLE chromebook?? download on chromebook invalid media bundle error when uploading to Google Ads Hi I really need your help. I have used the following template in Google Web Designer: Dynamic Remar… Google Web Designerで作成したDynamicXのバナーを調整したい GoogleWebDesinerでDynamic Remarketing with Individual Thmbnails and Single CTAを使ってバナーを作成しているのですが、 320…
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YouTube component no sound mobile I’ve built an ad with the YouTube component in, i’ve created an event to toggle the sound but on mob…
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Is it possible to use Fluid/Responsive Display AD (template) with animation? Getting started with designing Google Display Ads. Do I have to build out each ad size or will using…
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Not able to upload GWD responsive adds to Google Ads I am reltively new to GWD. I have created an ad from the templates and also an empty ad from scratch…
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rotating wheels I would like the wheels of a moving vector graphic car to rotate using a nested animation. For this …
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I cant Preview My Design Using HTML code Preview Hello Team, I hope you can help me. I created a banner and I used Image as background but every time…
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Internet Explorer compatibility with GWD 6.0 Since GWD got updated to 6.0, published banners are not showing up when animated with Internet Explo…
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I need the effect as if the rectangle is drawn with an invisible pencil. along the contour nothing yet "gwd.exitToItem" interactions with swipegallery? I'm building dynamic remarketing ads that use the swipegallery to show 2 or more items at once that … Exporting multiple sizes from responsive ad I am trying to create a responsive ad for GDN, but since Google Ads do not accept a single responsiv… Background-clip properties doesn't work I'm trying to do some background-clip to a text using some image but somehow it doesn't work. We can…
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Responsive banner - Do I have to re-do the animation for every size? I'm creating an animated responsive banner that will resize to a few different sizes depending on yo…
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GWD animations do not play past the first frame in IE11 after updated to Window 10, PC In new GWD projects it seems since the release of the animation gets stuck on the first f… Animation Issue on Internet Explorer About a week ago my dynamic creatives where working perfectly on IE and now i make a slight change a…
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GWD banner ads not animating in IE11 I've created this set of banner ads in GWD on a Mac, but the animation is not working for IE11 on ou…
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