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Swipeable Gallery NOT working as expected with GROUPS of elements Scenario: two slides to show using Swipeable Gallery Each slide has two elements: a picture and a te…
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I've using "tap to call" a function on the banner is not working on IOS handset in chrome browser I've created a banner and using the "tap to call" function. The banner is working on IOS and Andriod…
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Uploading to Google Ads: An internal error occured; please try again. I created a 300x250 ad in GWD using new (not template), setting the environment to Google Ads, and n…
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Want to use SubString method in dynamic ads Hi, Please respond to my message, I will really appreciate. I need to show some part of the product …
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gotoAndplay event Notworking when i upload to website My banner uses gotoandplay and it works normally locally. But when uploading to hosting to run on th…
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'Repeat for each item in collection' option not showing on group I am trying to create a responsive dynamic ad and am therefore unable to group the product prices an…
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Offline Installer Google Webdesigner Version 6 Dear Sir Or Madam! We would like to work further on with you Google Webdesigner. Unfortantly a Insta…
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Google Web Designer doesn't start - white screen Hi. I'm starting to work with GWD, but when I tried to start the application, it didn't work, just a…
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importing existing website into Google web designer I have already developed web pages using another product. Can I import them into Google Web Designer…
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quiero hacer una pagina web resposive y no se como exportarlo para poder verlo mal muy buena
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Why is banner turning blank after 2 secs? 1. I create a blank document (non google ad) 2. I import image that i place 100% x 100% 3. I push fo… Get element in iFrame through code I have an iFrame load 3 pages of banner. I want to get the element in the iFrame. var fGwdAd = myFra…
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Pause the animating image button I have an animated image button rotating 360 degrees in z-pos. I want to toggle play the image butto…
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