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In Media Rules: Style panel for fill + visibility is locked/greyed out, why does this happen? I have a banner design that I need to set media rules for 20 different banner sizes. I want the back…
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چگونه این هکر. و آیاته اش رابیرون ون کنم هرکاری دم دیدود
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GWD publish project with errors After update to ver my projects start write the errors. 1) sprites error 2) All banner er… Help with 100% page size aspect ratio stretching Hello, I would need help with making my page fill the maximum available screen area but without stre… In some screen sizes (not resolution) the images look blurred. I've created different banners in different resolutions... I've done it from a 25" screen with a res… Generating backup images for responsive creatives To test trafficking responsive creatives in DCM, I created a responsive ad in GWD. I wonder if there…
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Responsive layout making use of pixel-ratio not working on iPhones I'm creating a bespoke responsive SPA. I'm using media queries to set the pixel-ratio css property s…
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Is there a limit of elements/ animations one should put in a responsive banner ad? Weird bugs happen after trying to animate multiple elements with different animations, was wondering…
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Exporting multiple sizes from responsive ad I am trying to create a responsive ad for GDN, but since Google Ads do not accept a single responsiv… Unsupported creative size 0x0 in Google AdWords Validator I have created responsive google ads for sizes recommended ( 320x50, 300x250 320x480 480x320) . Inbu…
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Preview showing blank across many browsers Hello, When I preview my ad it doesn't show anything, it's totally blank. also when I export its bla… tap area not working? Hello, I'm trying to add a taparea which opens a new page if you click it. On my final banner it doe…
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Swipeable Gallery NOT working as expected with GROUPS of elements Scenario: two slides to show using Swipeable Gallery Each slide has two elements: a picture and a te…
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Not able to upload GWD responsive adds to Google Ads I am reltively new to GWD. I have created an ad from the templates and also an empty ad from scratch…
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Admob responsive interstitial Hi All I created a responsive interstitial using GWD, that I want to use in Admob house campaign. Al…
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What does the message mean "cannot read property controller of undefined"? Whenever I select the viewport resize tool, and change the viewport I get the following message. "Ca…
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custom media queries breaks them all on save/publish Hi, When adding a few custom breakpoints (in code view) after having setup a few through design view…
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scaling div Hello, I'm trying to create an animation including multiple images that needs to be at a fixed posit…
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Cannot see the "additional text" in Data Driven Cue cards Template, but it is visible in the preview I am trying to edit the text placement in the cue cards template for data driven creatives. however,…
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