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Stuck on Startup Screen using iMac Pro on Mojave I have tried updating the computer itself and the version of GWD. But nothing has worked so far. Ple…
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How do I make an expandable banner auto expand, then auto collapse after 8 seconds of inactivity? After that initial auto expand, subsequent expansions would be user controlled and would not auto co… Training about for tool in Brazil Hi, there! I needed some a help, I would like to know if there is any training or some academy to fu… enabler.js 2mdm.net Mi segnalano i sistemisti che nei banner esportati e caricati su DFP, quando vengono richiamati dall…
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How to create banner with filtres? I have a list of different real estate properties. I'd like to make an interactive creative banner w…
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Client previews - with one click. I can't believe that GWD does not have a client preview feature! I don't think that 'uploading my fi… My GWD Banner click tag is not working in ios app recently we took live a html5 banner advertisement in gaana.com app where we put a dcm click tag tha…
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Why is the shape tool disabled in the Cue cards template? I'm using the cue cards template, to edit text style and add few elements such as a shape behind the…
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Why is GWD opening to white screen on MacOS 10.14.5 (iMac Pro) This app has worked great until today. It opened to a blank white screen with no ability to check pr…
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Need help with Video ad I am new to Google Web Designer, forgive me if I am doing this completely wrong. I use Google Ad Man…
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Feature request: Export to gif I would like to request the feature to export a gif. It is impossible to recreate GIFS from 100 bann…
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Offline Installer Google Webdesigner Version 6 Dear Sir Or Madam! We would like to work further on with you Google Webdesigner. Unfortantly a Insta…
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How to bind data feed on GWD using a cue cards template? or can it be done on Ad Canvas itself? While creating banners for Display
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